Yoga of One Humanity at Salvington College

The true yoga which came to this planet from Venus .. from the Kumara Avatars .. sought to introduce to human beings the way to concentrate their minds and hearts upon inviting the Flame of Love to extinguish all oppositions to freedom and eternal mastery.

... developing the intellectual capacity for knowing God their Source of Life by developing God Consciousness; igniting their original desire of purity with the healthy receptivity of the seven adjutants of the Universe Mother in developing the spiritual urge to find God .. to discover Truth Absolute within their existence by which the human being could establish stability mentally and emotionally, and secure for themselves an avenue of creature approach to finding friendship, alliance, loyalty with, appreciation,  acknowledgement,  adoration, acceptance, and an all-consuming love for their Paradise Father God, and the Host of Heaven.. the greatest of benefactors to this planetary civilization.

... and last, to inspire human beings in the great facilitator of their personality,  to crave and hunger to be like God in the wholehearted desire to do the Father's will. Through mastering the evolutionary force of their own life through yoga, humans could tap into more greatly their inherent potentials. And in understanding how to fulfill the law of harmony and happiness, they could clear the pathway within themselves to live His will and achieve His great plan for unfolding the human life into the very next stages of their growth and maturation...

Our Yoga of One Humanity at Salvington College teaches the aspirant the art and divine science of embracing eternity each day through the righteous use if their free will and upstanding character. To allow to blossom in the individual soul their own original Immaculate Conception as created from the beginning of their Divine Individualization. This is the Selfhood of the One Sonship that all share as One. This Selfhood becomes individualized as the Self Directive Governing I AM… The Self Consciousness of the Kingdom that can consciously command for Itself .. Perfection through the progressive unfoldment of the precepts of Paradise.

Our Yoga shows you the ancient evolutionary avenues to enter into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and Supremacy by traveling upon the Personality Circuits of the Paradise Trinity.

This is the Paradise Trinity Endowment given to all planetary civilizations for their natural growth and progression through the Father Son and Spirit of Eternity and Infinity as He extends into the known universes of creation.

Our Yoga accelerates the aspirant by quickening all the materialized Light Substance back into the Father’s Purity and Perfection. This is fulfilling the law and living the great will of God in your personality soul .. in your personal life and surroundings.

The Yoga of One Humanity cultivates the right use of the creative free will by adhering to the Word, and supporting the aspirant to become more greatly disciplined in becoming obedient to their own greater Identity with the Spirit of the Father.

An aspect of Our Yoga is the practicing throughout the day and evening in the correct and most empowered use of their creative free will attention and focused awareness; for each personality soul is actually an individualization of the Supreme God in expression. Through the Embracing Eternity Exercises within Our Yoga, the aspirant is taught the Seven Eyes to Attainment .. this is the most natural way of opening the Seven Seals of their Consciousness .. the purification of the chakras are the entry points to right radiation of their own light and life.

They begin to walk in that fuller Sun Presence by their daily return into the Immaculate Conception .. and this takes place through their taking upon themselves the beatitudes of Michael and the Mother, the daily receipt of the Universe Mother and Her Creative Spirit Adjutants, the guidance of the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter of My Spiritual Presence .. as an everlasting Fellowship and Conscious communion unfolds for the aspirant with Me, the righteousness in use of their creative free will Individualization, and the adherence to the precepts of the Paradise Trinity Endowment and these Divine Personality Circuits which are available to all those who seek a better life and a higher way for their existence. 

Christ Michael of Nebadon


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