Our Tenets at Sovrnty Society for a Healthy and Prosperous Aspirant Actualization

At Sovrnty Society, students are given the knowledge and support to make more courageous decisions and to build up the inner character which will blossom in you the capacity for a more concerted devotional consecration and cooperation with that particle of the Paradise Father indwelt in you.

Thine evolving mortal soul is dependent upon the human decision and choice of your personality. The Paradise Spirit within each human heart and mind yearns to evolve your mind and to intellectually emancipate you from the eons of misunderstandings that have been all too prevalent within this world.

Sovrnty Society is our simple way of bringing forth the principles and precepts of the Paradise Parents. So much confusion has been a rampant force foisted upon the civilization over so many centuries that most revelatory realizations which are given to the individual soul and personality causes way too much trauma to take place.

In your daily communion with the Father Son Spirit .. through the endowment of Paradise .. there are three central tenets that must be cultivated and adhered to.

1. Sincerely responding to the inner guidance of your own Spark of God the Father gives you the capacity of building a momentum in relationship to him. And as you base your human life upon allowing to be expressed truth, beauty, and goodness in the highest of qualities, you must organize this expression through your living faith and trust in God, your seeking to become as God is in your nature and identity, and your priorities and values must become bathed in the appreciation of the spirits of the Universe Mother. Her spirit helpers of worship and wisdom, courage and conviction, counsel and cooperation, intuitional perception and divine insight, knowledge, faith and hope, love and forgiveness, and a few others.

2. Cultivation of your willingness to fulfill the law of harmony through accountability as your misqualifications are returned to you. This allows you to have the courage and conviction to find love for God and to worship him with passion and fervor, emotion and focused attentiveness. These are the beatitudes that I have given you in the exercises each day of expanding the consciousness .. the Kingdom of heaven into and throughout your soul and personality expression.

3. Like the symbol of the cross, you must reach heavenward to deepen relationship with the Father, to open the pathways of your realizations within your personal circumstances by using the great mirror of life, and by reaching outward along the mundane pathways to enjoy the brotherhood of humanity. Loving your fellows and being willing to give and to receive by putting aside all unnecessary personal concerns in your pure service to others. 

To give them… is to receive non-judgmentally and with a semblance of unconditional love in your heart.

These are the avenues of creature approach that I ask of thee to refine and cultivate in your life. In this way do you begin to realize your duties to progress and your divine obligations to the Supreme God who is your identity and nature, your personal destination and desire all at the very same time. 

For it is only through this cooperative communion, this divine and human interdependence between the Supreme God and the human individual personality .. that we bring to birth the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and the living network of His Supremacy.

Christ Michael of Nebadon


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