Our Salvation is Offered unto thee

I and the Mother of this universe have shown ourselves to give aid and sustenance to our universe children in their consecrated dedication and devotion in their choosing the path of the Paradise Father .. His Gift of Himself as the Spirit which indwells every morally capable creature of this world.

I come to you personally and as a physical intermediary between the ever evolving human mind soul personality and the Father Spirit. From your beginnings, the Mother and I have been guiding you into embracing more and still more of the eternal values and priorities, the everlasting divinely inspired attitudes and adorations of heart and mind.

… to encourage and to ignite thine divinely patterned perfection by enhancing all your tendencies for choosing morally and deciding ethically in all circumstances of your earth career. Moral and ethical values do clearly grow character and soon enough the mind soul personality does begin to enjoy the fruits of their everlasting communions with the Father’s Spirit. With a cooperative human choosing of the Father’s will, you begin more than ever to experience a conscios evolutionary progression.

Constructive choices, decisions, and morally ethical inspired actions based upon this higher way of living .. these grant the soul mind personality the great opportunities to find God, to get to know him in his nature, his identification, his priorities and values. So, we come to nurture the divine tendencies in humanity. To help foster the higher ways of living and aspiring towards a universal citizenship with Us.

This is primarily the work of Sovrnty Society .. to foster this divine choosing of the human mind personality soul. Yet, there are other attainments that the human must undergo in order to become truly birthed into the universe .. and that is our work .. our focused curriculum at Salvington College.

The preparations necessary to become a candidate of the eternal fusing or eternal blending between the human mind personality soul and even physical body with the Spirit of the Father bestowed in each individual as his gift of Life.

As you, over the centuries of lifetimes have undergone our divinely designed program for evolutionary creatures to attain to, you have grown thine character and willingness into greater maturity and cooperation with Us. You have had almost a continual contactual spiritualization with the Father’s Spirit, and you have earnestly been seeking to discern him in all your ways. This has fortified thine soul personality and thine human mind and will to lean towards the eternal choosing of God’s way, his way, his truth, and his life. Now, some of you who are participating in our association at Salvington College are coming to the close, the completion, the graduation unfoldment of this long held evolutionary progress, and you are poised to reap the divine inheritance .. the eternal harvesting of your human nature and your willing cooperation with the divine nature and identity.

You are positioned to become elevated and permanently secured and everlastingly stabilized in the Father .. his Spiritual Selfhood which has been with you ever since the initial beginnings of your evolutionary unfoldment.

Your sacred yearning for that something greater is about to be offered to you in this Eternal Embrace which does place you upon the shores of an everlasting attainment and accelerated progression into the higher existence .. just the very next phase of your existence having sprung up from the tapestries of the soil of the earth.

Salvington College is our mutually focused dedication, and it is a platform from which those who are poised for eternity .. the more eternal octaves of life, will become prepared as candidates for that everlasting marriage with the Paradise Father Spirit.

And we have come to offer you this way, this truth, and this life into universe citizenship and the chance to play a much greater role in the great network of Our divine administration whereby you will become transformed into a new creature, a spirit being with a new form without the limitations which have been placed upon thee over the eons of your earth based career.

I come to invite those new aspirants into this elevation, and to give My courage and conviction of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness to all who are choosing to fulfill the law and be accountable, those who are deciding eternally to become candidates in being prepared for their eternal and unreservedly consecrated decision in choosing to live the divine will of the Father over all else in their existence.

Thy Sovereign Father Son
Christ Michael of Nebadon


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