Our Father God is Personal and Infinite

Our Universal Father is the Source of all creature personality.  He is an Infinite Personality that we can know and love .. that we can emulate in His Goodness and Generosity of character. Just as with any relationship that we desire in our life .. relationship with the Personal God requires our focused attention and awareness .. our acknowledgement and appreciation of Him in our existence.

The Father Source is an Infinite Divine Personality .. and as we place our faith and trust in Him .. we build a relationship .. a very personal relationship .. that overflows into the realization of Him in us .. the realization of His nature as a Spirit Person. And realization does blossom into a revelatory experience that will unfold itself as genuine personal spiritual experience. To find God .. and to learn to know Him brings us an untold wealth and an unending satisfaction and happiness.

... and our realization of the Father God through this reciprocal spiritual communion with Him .. through His Paradise Spirit who indwells each soul and every mind .. this communion generates a living momentum where we increasingly spiritualize the human nature and human consciousness into the divine identity... the divine will .. and the divine perception.

God the Universal Father and Mother Son and the Infinite Spirit .. are real and true Persons .. Eternal and Infinite Personalities that are the pattern for all creatures. And as I do come out from and as the First and Second Source .. I offer to those who will study and receive .. a Stream of Life as given to Me from this Central Source beyond all creation.

Commune with thine presiding Spirit of Paradise Perfection .. and you shall be conforming thyself to their way .. their truth .. and their life.

Spend time in contemplation of this that I share with you each... that you can have a genuine personal religious relationship with the Universal Father Son Spirit.

Be consistently willing to adhere to the will of Paradise which will secure for you all harmony and healing .. all humility in character and thw supremely joyful happiness of serving Him by worshipping Him in every way.

Transmute the errors of the past by inviting His grace and His love to cleanse all that is misaligned in you.

Our association does accelerate this purifying of thine soul and personal nature by returning to you the misqualifications of all lifetimes wherein you can fulfill the law by transfiguring all back into God Pure nature and identity.

I Stand Unified and Awake with the Universal Mother and the Heavenly Host. We come to offer to human beings emancipation of their intellectual concepts and the approach to everlasting life.

Thy Sovereign Son
Michael of Nebadon


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