I Give thee the Righteous Water of Life directly from the Eternal Son

Blessings to all… Thou who are seeking deeper relationship with the Father .. harken unto me! The human temporal sensory nature as well as the collective unawareness presseth upon all creatures in the earth; this collective momentum of misinformation and misunderstandings does attempt to maketh a mock of the godhood within you.

I say, give this none of thine attention. Turn unto him no countenance; revile him not in that revilings may be served; judge him not nor do you need to offer him your energetic attention nor focus. Preserve these attributes only for the Spirit of the Father as ye build thine connection and communion with him. Leave the lower nature unto itself as ye take its hand to show it a better way into light and life. Let the Light of the Father’s Spirit shine through you; presently it raiseth you; it lifteth you unto the higher centers of thine intelligence and consciousness. It giveth you the greater potentials for victory over that lesser value and priority.

Expand his grace and glory in you and through you in all ways, and you will see and experience thine rewards for doing so. Let his light so shine in your hearts and your faces that those who would be one with you go with you into that mountaintop... this royal road into immortality by allowing thine self to become fed the Waters of the Living Light.

That which cometh unto you hath through our association hath the essence of your own godhood in mind. I and the Mother Spirit do nurture you as you open to receive of Us, and as you invoke the presence of the Host to radiate into thine space the higher virtues and Fatherly qualities of transfiguration . . . of transmutation through forgiveness and grace.

Arise and be exceedingly wise in your choosing, your decisions of where to place thine attention and focus! Walk upright in righteousness and his glory by giving thine life time and space to his altering. 

Allow the Father’s Spirit…the Adjuster within you, to advance thine communion and contemplations, thine cooperative consecrations and thine attitudes of eternity. Be exceedingly humble as you embrace eternity each day through the righteous use of thine free will, and the return of your misqualifications into original innocence and divine purity!

~Michael of Nebadon


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