Evolving from differentiation unto the Undifferentiated Ocean of God

All that is visibly made manifest has come forth out of the Undifferentiated Ocean of Consciousness .. and will eventually return into that same Ocean. If you were in the highest octaves inwardly beyond all lesser vibratory realms, you would experience these lower vibratory realms as diverting out from the Ocean and reverting back into this same Kingdom or Ocean of the Father .. all at the same time. The timelessness becomes evident the higher you go inwardly. And the higher you begin to vibrate in your personality soul .. the more powerfully both cause and effect become the same thing immediately experienced. Time is greatly sped up, so much so that this lifetime begins to feel more temporary .. not so real .. and not such a long time. For me here physically entering into this realm after leaving my place in this universe .. I simply told those who are with me over there .. I will be right back, just wait a moment. Then I come into these lower octave a amd time slows down incredibly so that 75 years feels a bit more like 75 years rather than just a few seconds for me. Yet, I never seem to lose a sense of that timelessness. That experience of the everlasting eternality.

Time and space .. oh time and space .. such a powerful servant of the evolutionary worlds, yet you must understand how to master time and space, instead of allowing it to control you. It is merely a tool so that you can more gradually perceive the workings of your creative free will consciousness,  and how you are making use of your own life force energies. Time and space allows human beings to begin to grasp their creative authority and divine powers when made use of masterfully. It gives them .. the time and space to review things before setting things into a more permanent manifestation. Are you beginning to get a sense of what I am sharing here with you?

As you aspire to graduate beyond these elementary octaves, you will be entering into octaves of Life where time and space and form are not quite as important.

With this understanding in mind, all that is differentiated out of the Ocean .. in its phase of diversion out of the Undifferentiated .. and then its return or reversion back into the Undifferentiated Ocean ... it is as though it never even took place if you were to stand in the perspective of certain higher beings. In these highest octaves, time speeds up enormously, so .. for example, one hundred years in earth time is experienced as only a few seconds of that higher time and space octave.

This is why We are encouraging you to realize that most everything that is ephemeral and as such, temporary, is just an illusion... because from Our perspective, it just about never even existed. Only in the slowed down vibratory experience of the octaves of earth do you have an experience of the temporary appearing and seeming to last a long time, even to the point that these temporary ephemeral things appear permanent to you.

Yet, from the slightly higher octaves beyond the earth, the circumstances and things of earth are as no thing... just a mirage appearing momentarily, and to watch people become caught up in that mirage is .. well .. it is a bit funny.. a  kind of disturbing funny with a lot of compassion offeredby those of us who remain outside of the creation.

Imagine, attempting to grab hold of a bit of nothing appearing to the human being as something .. something to depend upon, and find happiness and security from, something to secure stability and peace from.. its just not going to be possible. Just about the time you are able to obtain theze "precious" things, you get to be too old to really enjoy it much. Yet, if you are to find stability and the experiencing of an ongoing joy and security, worthiness and self esteem .. then these qualities can only be garnered from the permanent .. the eternal and everlasting. You build a lasting and permanent momentum as you seek and find God .. who is the Permanent. He is the reality .. the real and true .. while all else is subject to ongoing and often imperceptible change.

God Is. He is the Primordial I AM; the life behind all the apparent change is He .. and He is truly thee. In thine original design, you had access immediately to the Undifferentiated One God, even while living within the land of differentiation; Knowing that all that is made visibly manifest to our lower senses .. this manifest world of appearances ..  is truly the Unmanifestation .. the Undifferentiated Ocean of Consciousness .. assuming its temporary form in time and space creation for the express purpose of educating the personality soul who is evolving within these worlds of the creation.

And in all this world of change, we are obliged to evolve and experience our own actualization .. adding to the actualizing experience of the Supreme Being .. of which we are in all wholeness and blessing.

Christ Michael of Nebadon


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