Thy Indescribable Creative Word

The Universal Father needs each one ... each of His Individualizations in order to eventually complete the plan of creation. Only through thought and feeling and spoken word with actions taken can creation become raised up.

You are intended ... let us say designed as his Individualization to expand Perfection in your localized area. You are the One Creative Force of the Nameless Indescribable Consciousness localized into existence. The Kingdom of God is your very Selfhood Supreme.

Over lifetimes you have taken the life force of your own being and created forms and experiences. Look around you and take note .. you are the creative Principle and Intelligence who has set all your life circumstances and environment into the manifest appearance world.
You are learning to master this Life Principle which is highly powerfully creative and can easily stir the ethers of the all-permeating Ocean of Substance .. molding this Substance by imposing vibrational qualities upon it through your thought, feelings, and attentional focus. If the qualities of vibration are misaligned with God .. then at some certain point or lifetime all error of misqualification must be corrected. So there are those of you here studying at Salvington College who are determined to complete the imbalances you've set into motion .. to balance your karmas .. your erroneous tendencies and the imaturities in your character.

...and I salute you for having the courageousness and the accountabilities in you to fulfill the great law so that you can live in and as his nature .. his will .. his conscious identity. And as you fulfill this plan and your promise to the Father to return all life force back into Him .. His purity and perfection .. you free his life from the materializing influences of the differentiated .. and the density where He has been trapped.

...and as you fulfill your promise .. you feel happier .. deeply happy and more content perhaps after eons of quiet struggles and conflicts and doubts and confusions as to your purpose and the plan and the right use of your creative Individualization. . . your creative free will. You are returning upward into right identity as we work together to dissolve the veils of density which have been wrapped around you for ages and which have caused you so much trial and tribulations due to your amnesia.

So I .. and the Universe Mother .. and the beloved Host of your elder brothers and sisters .. stand watching and waiting to assist you in any way that we are allowed to help.

In the Majesty of his love and mercy


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