Heights of Eternal Glory and Spirit Attainment

The Universe Mother and I have made Ourselves more easily known to you in these past few years .. so that we may help your mortal mind prepare to choose wisely ..l the spiritual endowment of your presiding Father Presence.

Each of you who are studying at Salvington Trust have spent lifetimes in preparation; for the self actualizing attainments that you are beginning to undergo here with Me have taken you lifetimes to prepare for in your devotions and discernment ... you dedications and your desire .. your decisions and your daily motivations.

These have all had to be matured and grown in your character and personhood over long periods of time... the consecration of your consciousness and your concentration to progress into greater Mind attainment and self realization brings forth the flowering of willingness to do the will of My Father who is the Presiding Force of your Life in every moment.

You have had to perfect your personality motivations and intentions by gradually building that field of receptivity out from a field of human density. You have cultivated some wonderful gifts and actualized those certain levels of spiritual values while discovering freely for yourself true universe meanings of divine purpose ... finding comfort in knowing that the Father within you is your destiny and He is your everlasting reality even now in this lifetime of your devotions and ablutions.

I truly honor each one of you for your consideration and consistency in allowing the consciousness of spirit dominion to take fuller control; for the everlasting fruits of this applied discipleship that you have been holding with Me for lifetimes will, in fact, bring to birth greater Love .. and joy .. peace and long-suffering .. gentleness and goodness in your personality character .. and a faith and humility .. a meekness and tolerance to withstand all things carnal.

And as you can taste this fruit that opens the way to an immortal life with eternal capabilities,  you are in the midst of positioning yourself for never-ending upliftment and further transmutations into higher  and greater .. fuller actualized light and the living of the higher ascended life.. at one with the Father Principle,  in communion eternally with the eternal drawing upwards of the Word of the Son, and the Immaculate Conception of the Mind which is the Infinite Spirit placed more into your own personal mind.

In this way of Paradise,  all creature minds and all minds of every order of being do coalesce together as One Mind and One Intent of Universal Promise.

I do lead the way in this personality Perfection by carrying within my own personhood the perfected patterns of the Paradise Father and Son in uniting fashion with the Infinite Perfections of the Spirit .. in and as the Universe Mother.

From heights of tremendous spiritual glory we have descended into thine midst by a multitude of levels we do meet you in your rightful domain .. in a burgeoning partnership of faith in order to carry you upwards into those next evolutionary stages of your progressive attainments.

May you be strengthened in your willingness and determination to be in that unlimited fellowship with the Universal Mother and her Holy Spirit Presence .. and in our mutual love infused fellowship together throughout all time and space.

Michael Of Nebadon
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation
Michael Of Nebadon Foundation, Latinoamerica


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