Salvington College Aspirancy

As an aspirant of the Almighty God, you have received and recognized the presiding Spirit of the Universal Father, you do become birthed into an intellectual emancipation and as you traverse further you will become birthed into a spiritual illumination from and of the Spirit. You recognize and realize more fully that you are His Individualization. You are His temple because a fragment of Him lives in you as a mortal being, and He seeks to blend eternally with you thereby taking upon Himself your personalization as a mortal, and sharing with you His Eternal, never-ending intelligence and love, His consciousness, and His existence. At first, you seek to feel His embrace and to know His presence is there within you. Yet, as you flower in your progressions and attainments, you come to realize that even more than receiving His grace and outpouring flow of benevolence, it is not enough that this spirit be poured out upon you; the divine Spirit must be invited and cooperated with in order for Him to completely dominate you as a physical flesh mortal being, and He must be invited and allowed to control every phase of your human experience as you seek to fulfill the great law of harmonizing all past lives into His Order and Grace, and then live His will, His nature, and His consciousness as immaculately as possible...

It is through the presence of his divine Spirit, the water of life, that you are secured and protected, and even so that this Spirit prevents the consuming thirst of your mortal discontent so that you are adverse to seeking pleasures through the senses of your lowest human nature. Your personal and indescribable hunger which is so prevalent within the human civilization and race due to its unspiritualized human mind becomes quickened and more greatly enlightened. You fulfill his law and in this attainment each day you are creating that everlasting protection as you exchange the darkness of lowered human imperfectly misqualified energies for the harmony and order of his sovereignty. Spirit-motivated beings who have given themselves to this unfoldment…this royal road leading into the immortal realms of light never thirst, for this spiritual water shall be in them a fount of perfect satisfaction springing up into life everlasting as they distribute this Water of Life into every cell and atomic particle. Such divinely watered souls are all but independent and free of the surrounding material environment as regards the joys of living and the satisfactions of earthly existence. They are spiritually illuminated and refreshed, morally strengthened and endowed. Purpose-filled with overflowing grace and willingness, humility and consecration to achieve their goal.

The purpose of our coming into human form is to be able to communicate to all those who gather in His name the right and proper way to live a life of morality and spiritual aspiring which do lead to better days ahead. I am here with you so that you may be strengthened with the power of the inner Selfhood brought forth through My instruction to you, and My guidance in all ways. Conviction of Truth through our fellowship together in the Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter allows us to walk with you each step of your way, and for the Holy Spirit of the Mother to come and infiltrate your materializations. This endowment of inner Father, Son, and Spirit is your everlasting link and eternal guide, so long as you reach for Me and allow my penetration of your human ways shepherding those ideas into the fulfillment of the greater Ideal. I strengthen your faith in the Father…in Truth, and foster the living outright of character growing into fuller integrity and honor. And all this represents but the preliminary steps to the final attainment of the perfection of faith and service, that experience wherein you shall be filled with all the fullness of God as you attain to the eternal fusion of the Eternal Embrace…the sacred marriage of bride and bridegroom. It is true that for all those who are led by the spirit of God are the sons and daughters of God.

The Father’s Spirit never overrides your free will decisions, yet as you ask for Him to take His rightful dominion, then He becomes free to lead. If you are willing to learn, if you desire with single minded focus to attain to spirit levels and reach for the divine heights, if you sincerely want to reach into the eternal goal, then the divine Spirit of the Universes will gently and lovingly lead you along the pathway of sonship and spiritual progress. Every step you take must be one of willingness, intelligent and cheerful co-operation. The domination of the Spirit is never tainted with coercion nor compromised by compulsion.

And when such a life of the acceptance of spirit guidance is freely and intelligently accepted, there gradually develops within your human mind a constructive consciousness of divine contact and the assurance of a perpetual spirit communion; the Infinite Mother Spirit bears witness with your own spirit of the Universal Father, and holds affirming conviction in you that you are a child of God blossoming into becoming a son or daughter. Your kinship to God becomes the soil from which is birthed an everlasting field of spiritual promise that catapults the soul and personality into a wedded bliss with the Father. And it is the Mother Spirit that bears witness with your spirit, not to your spirit. Thus, ultimately, it remains for you to choose in every moment.

The consciousness of allowing and cooperating with the Father, asking for Him to dominate and take hold of you is attended by an increasing evidence of the fruits of the spirit, such as love, joy, peace, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness, and temperance. Such spirit-guided aspirants become divinely illuminated mortals, even while you walk within the confines of the earthly mundane world, yet as you tread the lowly paths of toil and in human faithfulness perform the duties of your earthly responsibilities, you have already begun to discern with a faith trust attitude of adoring qualities, the lights of eternal life as you will sense your attainment coming to fruition. You will be gradually entering into the kingdom of God, its righteousness, peace, and joy in your ever advancing communion with the Holy Comforter and Holy Spirit. Every trial and tribulation, and every mortal hardship, will be infused with the Fatherly hope which transcends all fear and doubt because the love and mercy of God is overflowing to you, filling your heart and mind as you have prepared a place to receive of the Infinite Spirit and Her Holy Sacred Fire of Love Absolute.

In the Eternal Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Christ Michael Aton


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