Love is the Omnipotent Integrator

The Great Universal Love is the coagulating force of existence.  Nothing is more potent or powerful the God's Love and His Mercy is that Love revealed and demonstrated.

Love is law. Love spins the planets on their axis. Love ... not emotional love yet Love Itself .. is the great integrator.

Anything in us that is in opposition to this One Omnipotence of Love expanding to establish harmony .. heal .. and order and happiness .. is acting as a disintegrating agent. It disintegrates! Or it seeks to tear apart .. to tear down .. to prevent integration from occurring.  That is the agency of darkness .. not as a separate force .. for there is only one force everywhere present .. yet darkness on this planet within the minds and hearts of civilization .. is simply the accumulated momentums of the Race and the Species over time believing in two powers...

...and that is simply not possible with the One God being present everywhere in and as everything. The only opposition then, is I. The accumulation of resistance and hesitate .. doubt and fear .. to allow the great Love Principle to take its rightful control and dominion over your entire life .. every aspect of your life must be given into this Integrator .. If you sincerely desire happiness and harmony.  Only God and His Love .. which again.. is his Omnipotence .. can establish harmony and happiness for us.

So .. for God's sake .. see where you are resistant to allow the expansion of the One Love Principle and Power. Ask for that misqualified force of your Life to be dissolved by Love... for Love changes all unto Itself when it is invited in.. it touches to that resistance and dissolves it on the spot.

Love is the Omnipresent Omnipotence of our true nature and identity .. Our Being and Essence is exactly this Love and it's demonstration is the Act of Mercy. God is Merciful as He dissolves all road blocks to Love .. With His Love and Mercy.

Thy Sovereign Son Michael


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