Beyond the Depths of thine own Breathing .. therein I AM

We have been with you from your beginnings. The Creative Mother Spirit has been working to evolve the minds of human beings .. to develop and mature the capacity to receive the Universal Father. Her Spirit of wisdom mentors the evolutionary races toward the capacity for living a higher idea and a greater spiritual ideal.

Our combined joint forces of the Spirit of Truth and her Holy Spirit are the guide and teacher and refiner for developing in human beings the values of wisdom and worship .. of righteousness to develop character, and responsibilities of their creative powers.

We come into your life .. at one with that Life .. to shepherd you towards the finer ideal of living your life upright in developing deep acknowledgement and adoration for the Universal Father within you. In expanding your allegiance with and acceptance of the Father's Spirit indwelling thee. To show human beings the right way of living .. and the correct way to foster their own divine nature. Over time .. we have been cultivating these attributes towards increasing understanding through the Mother’s Spirit of Understanding.

...and it is you who are reading these fine words who are positioned to bring fulfillment to our work of the ages .. by seeking to blend your human life with the Father .. forevermore.
“I cometh beloveds as the very source of all thine Goodness. .. truth .. and beauty. I step downward into the realms of greater materiality the Spirit of the Father Son Spirit … their Infinite Perfection seeks to reign over all lesser intelligences.

Beyond the depths of thine own breathing .. therein I AM. What transpires from Me is all constructive wisdoms and everlasting mercy. Mercy is the demonstration of the Father-Son-Spirit .. their love and grace and generosity.

Worship purely with no expectations of a return. Give all thine adoration and acceptance .. thine acknowledgement and appreciation to the Paradise Father presiding in thine midst.

Intelligence garners within you a greater light and this light is consciousness in its most pure, untainted existence. Intelligence brings integration, and this integrative power is love. It leadeth mankind from the lesser frequencies in their living .. unto true Life .. at One with the Trinity Source.

It make the mankind to shine as a jewel of greater proportions. It lifts men and women from the throes of beasthood, and it matures thine character providing an arena in thy consciousness whereby higher choices are birthed. Intelligence is the light of our Parent Source. And this Intelligence does quicken thy vision to perceive the Ideal that I have offered thee.

Attune in thine attention and awareness to this Intelligence that I speak to you of; for the evil and darkness within the race of humanity is merely the lack of this Intelligence which We of the Universal Host do bring to the humanity.

Weave thine Soul Garment of Consciousness with the Substance of Our Intelligence. Partake of our offering unto thee. Rid thine human selfishness of every particle that would dust over this light. The lesser cannot create a constructive happiness, nor can it carry you unto grace and immortality.

Humanity hides it’s sight from the worthy virtues of the Heavens. It proposes an alternative avenue to the solutions of the race which has shown time after time to lead to greater weeping and disappointment. Our offering to the race does allow thine godhood to blossom as certain as the movement of the parting of the clouds in the skies. It propels those receptive and humble unto a transcending of evil and unethical errors in themselves. It massages thine goodness .. truth .. and beauty .. unto fuller manifest expression.

I.. Michael .. come into thine midst to convey to you the personal generosity of Thought that the Father would have you become in His Immaculate Conceiving.

In the Eternal Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Christ Michael Aton


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