Aspirations for God's Glory are thine Natural Desires

Our Love is the natural expansion of existence. All of Life .. which is the One God Force and Intelligence, is ever seeking to stabilize creation into It’s Stability and Security… Its Permanent Harmony and Happiness. Realize that there is not a thing in the world of sensory pleasures which will ultimately give to you these facets of living life.

The Three Persons of Paradise have their Circuits of Energy and Intelligence .. Power and Love .. which are woven throughout creation. These are the well trodden and ever new pathways and avenues to your human evolutionary progression .. and the balancing of all lifetimes.

All through the ages, when the human being had become lost in darkness .. as is the case even today .. the great Light has been determined to seek out the lost who are even somewhat receptive still in their heart and mind. That great Light is the Love of the Host of Heaven.

So .. if in your own individualized worlds there seems to be problems and limitations, disharmonies and a lacking ability in your capacity to love unconditionally, then I say to you, seek Me once again. Aspire to reach for My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter to build our connection relationship and the greater discernment .. and welcome the Holy Spirit of the Creative Universe Mother Spirit as it is gathered and harnessed by the Host of Heaven.

These are two distinct Divine Circuits of the Paradise Son and Paradise Spirit which do reach into the creation.

I AM that Living Word of Mercy of the Paradise Father and the Son .. and I AM the very personalization of their Presence, Power, and Intelligence of Truth for this universe. I AM their ever reaching Omnipotence of Loving Merciful Compassion and Forgiveness by which you can draw upon your own salvation .. as you fulfill the law of harmonization of all error and opposition accumulated in you and by you over your lifetimes of learning.

Ask for Us and We will make Ourselves known unto thee. Seek the Light of Our great Love, and let it illuminate for you those problems with Our Solution. Our Solution is the Dissolution of your lesser vibrating energies and humanly misqualified virtues and imperfect qualities which are conflicted by their relativity. Seek His Absoluteness. These are misqualified energies which over lifetimes you have set into motion .. into opposition to the One God Force .. and unbeknownst to you .. have been feeding with the creative force of your own Individualization.

Our Love is the Solution to any and absolutely every problem that you could ever have manifest in your personal Individual world..

Our Love is the One Godhead and His Omnipotence in action which does raise all lesser vibratory substance into Itself .. into It’s Perfection and Its Harmonious Permanent Glory.

Invite My Comforter and enter into Our Eternal Fellowship of the Ages. Our Love is the only everlasting Solution to your problems and struggles. Love annihilates the lesser vibrating energies by raising these into the stabilization of Light.

Yet, it does require your consciousness .. your participation .. your conscious commands of adoration and allegiance with the faculties of your free will choices and decisions.

My offer to you … each and every One Individualized Supreme Christ and Buddha that you are … is to spend your time, energies, and efforts to vanquish all opposition to this One Harmonization of Love. In this way you expand thy inner Kingdom .. and you contribute then, to the greater well being of the Omnpresent Body of the Supreme God I AM.

Be active in your devotional attention upon the Force of your own Godhead. Unless there is a constructive force which is creating an upward momentum which is actively and potently accumulating your field of soul energies unto the Greater Light in you .. by expanding that great Light of your own Divinity .. which is My own Divinity as well .. then you are allowing the worldly race vibration of the lowest nature of humankind to conquer you.

Let not thyself become a slave to this lesser identification and nature.

Arise into thine inheritance of the greater One Life in God Himself by illuminating all within you. Apply the Embracing Eternity Exercises each day towards your freedom and mastery with the faith motivated determination of knowing your results are guaranteed to place you in a position of existence opening the way to everlasting victory.

Make constructive use of the Paradise Trinity Endowment of the Father Son Spirit through these Embracing Eternity Exercises and the righteous use of your creative power and free will.

I bid thee to enter into the fullness of God Himself who desires inordinately to have each of His Individualizations be returned to full Sovereignty.

Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon


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