The Voice of Mercy

“At The JSM Eternal Verities Institute we have designed a way for individuals who love God and desire to be more like Him .. to grow into becoming sincere aspirants who seek the greater life more abundant .. to enter into the Kingdom of His Love and Mercy .. preparing to bring completion and graduate from the evolution of the Earth .. to become a candidate of the Eternal Embrace through the threefold initiation of union with the Spark of God within them.

“These are a living part of Mine Private Writings for aspirants, awakening greater depth in relationship, realization, and remembrance of your Divine Inheritance and Authority. By actively and righteously applying your power to recognize the One Father, receive Him in all thine ways, and release His Energies of Perfection through the Conscious Commands of becoming the Self Directive Governing I AM in Expression, ye set thine existence upon a course of unstoppable Fulfillment, Harmony, and Order Divine.

“The Kingdom of His Sovereignty which my Father is establishing in the hearts of his earth children will become an eternal and everlasting dominion throughout the Earth. Once set up, His rule in each and every heart will raise all the humanity into His perfect harmony and order. There shall be this never-ending and continuous dominion of my Father in the hearts of only those who desire to do his divine will. And as this is the fact that I share with thee, only the meek, the humble and receptive, the contrite and thirsty shall inherit the Earth and all therein; for the Earth shall become raised into Her rightful place and position within this solar and galactic setting.

“I say unto thee, my beloved children, that my Paradise Father is not confined by human organization nor is He limited by dogmatic concepts in the minds of human beings. He is not the God only of this religion or that sect. All are welcomed into His Kingdom of Light, insofar as ye make thine decision to enter therein, and ye are willing and cooperative…eager and athirst to attain the living of His Will and Plan. All those receptive of my Father God shall come to sit down with us in the Father’s Kingdom, and yet, many shall refuse to enter this next two thousand year cycle wherein the omnipotence of His Love and Life shall reign supreme. Humanity shall experience interacting with the living network of His Supremacy…the Host of Heaven…and the Order of the Immortal Ones. My Father shall rule within all; for His spirit shall take up fuller residence in the hearts and minds, and bodies of the children of men.

“The power of His Sovereign Kingdom shall be comprised of the establishing of His glory…the living glory of His spirit which presides directly with each living soul and personality. This living spirit shall teach those receptive minds and will overtake rule within the hearts of the populace of this heavenly kingdom. The newly-found sons of God shall find themselves walking in a brotherhood of mercy wherein righteousness reigns over all supremely. Thine civilization shall become righteous and knowledgeable regarding the gift of free will. Peace and acceptance for any differences shall be reinstituted first in the soul of each personality, and then, it will be externalized in all the systems of this world. Thine race shall be made to evolve and mature in a more unlimited fashion. His Kingdom and Sovereignty is the fulfillment of all good men and women throughout all time and space within this planetary sphere. It is the everpresent hope of all and every Kingdom within this Earth. It will be the completion of a certain octave or frequency wherein all will have a greater ease and chance to graduate and complete their rounds of expression.

“Yet, for all those who have the courage and willingness to cooperate in order to enter into this Kingdom of Light, there will be the intensity of challenges and tests given in order to prime thee and make thee men and women who have become gods. Mankind…that is… each and every personality soul is really a stream or beam of consciousness, and consciousness is Life or God. That consciousness or awareness or stream of Life has capabilities that are naturally occurring in every second of our existence, and ye must be made mature in order to give my Father God His rightful dominion and power over all things of the Earth.

“Each and every child of God my Father holds or possesses the creative capabilities through their directive attention. This directive attention is the ability given to you each in order to give thine worship and praise unto thy Source and Creative Parent. There will be a necessity for each child to mature into their own sonship as a Self Directive Governing being, at one with the Principle of the I AM…the Father Principle that is this Stream of Life or Consciousness.

“The attention of mankind has been quite a bit hypnotized into focusing its creative power…its power to create vibration…into external imperfect conditions. Each day must be spent in certain time preparing for this next cycle of maturation for the species as a whole, and for every individualization of the One Father. Ye must learn to build thine life upon the righteous use of thine free will and creative beam of focus. I have offered thee exercises that will erase the old karmas and erroneous tendencies and begin instituting a new momentum that accumulates into a destiny of Light, rather than what has been occurring which is the materialization of mind, the materialization of the soul personality into denser and still denser vibrations which then the personality become completely unreceptive to anything that is at all finer in its frequency vibration….

“This is the return into the kingdom of heaven spoken of in olden times…But for you, my children, and for all others who would follow you into this Kingdom, there is set certain challenges. Faith and trust in the Father will allow you to enter into the consciousness of the Kingdom, yet, you must bring forth into your physical conditions and physical life the very fabric of my Father’s spirit if you would continue to become quickened into a much more illuminated and accelerated progressive unfoldment and evolution in the road which leads you to that greater divine fellowship. And I say this unto thee, not everyone will be able to pass through even the very first doorway of greater Life. Only those personality souls who yield within themselves a deep and mature, sincere and full desire to surrender all and sacrifice all to find God and enter His Kingdom therein. The doing and living of His Will is of primary and essential importance. Thine ability to alter the lifestyle ye have been enmeshed within, and to raise thine self into the eternal embrace for all time can only be accomplished with full determination, consecration, and cooperation in love and agility. Ye must fulfill His law and then this fulfillment will progressively allow thee to live His will and intent for you. These two components are the two prerequisites in order to enter the Kingdom of His Sovereignty; to allow Him to expand His Light, Life, and Love into and through thine physical being and subtle worlds.

“I beseech thee, each and every one soul . . . seek first the kingdom of God and enter into His righteousness, and in the fulfillment of His law, all lesser of importance will align for you, and all other concerns which are essential to find your victory in His progressive fulfillment…His everlasting survival… shall become established and secured with thee. His Kingdom of Light is now coming into this planet, and ye are becoming recircuited with the rest of the solar system and galaxy, yea, even taking up thine position and place within this our local universal creation. His Kingdom will have revealed no outer show, nor will this kingdom of my Father come with an outward demonstration of great power or with any kind of attractive revelation.

“Hence, if ye are too dense and materialized in mind and heart, then the Kingdom will have come and gone and ye shall be standing alone awaiting for your own version and preconceivings to be accomplished, yet no such outward demonstrations shall be revealed; for the Kingdom comes and invites into Its fold only those who stand ready and willing beforehand. All the rest must wait until a far distant future point in time when the cycle comes back around again on other planets wherein the evolutions are as yet unadvanced. Bother not going forward to speak about this coming Kingdom for it is already upon thee, and awaits thine entrance; for this kingdom of which I speak is God within you.

“Whosoever would become truly honored within my Father’s Kingdom shall be a minister unto all, and not for vanity sake, yet for the true and unadulterated motivation of doing good, thinking good thoughts, and expressing divinely good feelings, and speaking and acting in accordance with the unyielding purity of My Father’s immaculate character. Become then, he or she who seeks to serve within this coming Kingdom of His Righteousness and Sovereignty. Be as His sons and daughters truly… in this heavenly Kingdom which is becoming more pronounced even now, you are no longer servants but ye are His sons and daughters of the living God.

“This Kingdom of mine Father God shall build momentum amongst thine populace, and so shall this kingdom progress in the world until it shall obliterate every obstacle and all barriers within the minds and hearts of all men and women so that ye are brought to know my Paradise Father and ye are stirred to believe in these eternal verities which I have come once again to declare within thine midst.

“Even now is the Kingdom everpresent, and those with the ears to hear and the eyes to see shall even transcend physical body death as ye become taken upwards in thine evolutionary progression and development. Those of you who have the courage to follow unabashedly and willingly with gratitude and grace shall find thyself whisked into His Light eternally while yet retaining all the immaculate virtues of thine personality and individualized uniqueness. And you will sing praises unto He who gives thee Life in every second of thine existence…welcoming and honoring His coming reign with great and quiet power.

“Then, even as my Father’s Kingdom becomes established within your heart and mind, you will become ministers as of a simple white lily which become birthed and glorified directly out from the dirt and mud, the grounds of fertilize soil. You will become raised up to become a new class of men and women which have become birthed into distinction and honor, differing from all other men and women who have yet to find this royal road to Life and who as of yet still remain within the dust and grime of their own creations.

“You shall become illuminated and set eternally free forever, not quite now as men among men and women among women, yet as the illuminated citizens of greater pastures and field of light, a heavenly country among the endarkened and misinformed creatures of this dark and solemn world. It is thine destiny in light that ye live in just the very same way as those who have tasted the glories of a better life and have been sent back to earth as ambassadors of the Sovereign of that new and better world. The teacher is expected to possess and express more than that of the student; just as with the master of a house wherein he or she is expected more of than the servant. The newly emerged citizens of the heavenly Kingdom are required to be representatives in full measure compared to the citizens of the old earthly struggling rule. In thine white lily ministry focused upon expanding the greater understandings of the present population you will be obligated to abide by those teachings and principles which are the purest reflection of my personal divine ideals of the sort of mortal living which I seek to exemplify in my own earth life in the sacred act of revealing the everlasting principle and personality virtues and qualities of love and merciful compassion, of the Father who is in heaven.

“I have come forth to elucidate the way to liberty for all those spiritual captives who have not been able to understand better, and I bring with my person an endless joy and determination in the proclaiming of this said Kingdom, its approach, and its fulfillment in washing away all doubts and fears, healing all thine karmas and destructive tendencies and unfulfilled momentums which have carried you further away from the Father until now. Through this increase in understanding the necessary knowledge you will be able to heal every grain of thine inner and outer sickness, as ye blend and merge with Him… in accordance with the will of my Father in heaven. When you find thine self in distress, speak to thyself encouragingly and with patience and compassion, knowing the trail that ye have walked has been created by all those who have walked this very same road. Think to thyself of how glad you are to now know of this coming Kingdom, and the ways and means of entering therein.

“Grateful and exalted are those personality souls who need God and have become humble in His omnipotent presence…for theirs is the open doorway to enter into the kingdom of heaven.

“Overjoyed and honored are those souls who yet hunger and thirst to align with His righteousness, His law, and His will…for they shall be filled to overflowing as all their emptiness is taken away.

“Faithful and trusting are the meek who possess a contrite heart and willingness to take accounting for themselves…for they shall inherit all the riches of the earth.

“Unburdened are the pure in heart and the child-like of mind…for they shall have grown in the stature of their character having built an understanding of the perspective of eternity, and they shall see God.

“Greatly blessed and comforted are they who grieve to come closer unto my Father God…for they shall be acquitted of all error and sin, and shall be made ready to receive of their inheritance in light.

“Peaceful are the compassionate and the merciful without judgment…for they shall receive His mercy at the same time as it is given out from them.

“Prosperous and overflowing in supply are the peacemakers…for they shall be called into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty wherein all is given freely and to no end. These are the sons and daughters of God.

“Strong and courageous are they who are judged, laughed at, mocked, and ridiculed, even persecuted for righteousness’ sake, for theirs is truly the kingdom of heaven. For when others shall revile you and persecute you and shall say all unearned evil against you falsely…rejoice and be exceedingly glad to know of thine alignment and thy mastery; for great shall be thine reward in heaven.

“You are each the divine individualization of the One Father within time and space creation, localized to generate constructive expansion of His Kingdom of mercy and love. Ye are the very light of all the world. Stand tall in the fullness of thine divine consciousness and behold thineself…behold God in and of thine own Selfhood…thine very consciousness is Life Itself with full authority and creative prerogatives to set into motion the Kingdom of all Sovereignty and His all merciful Supremacy.

“Allow thine divine power and intelligence to outshine the darkness and in this all dark will become evicted and evaporated immediately. Bring glory and honor unto thine Father God, and He shall come closer unto thee with all His omnipotent Omnipresence and Omniscience flooding thine inner worlds and raising all thine atomic substance into His perfection; for your Paradise Father who is all-permeating also sits at the helm, the center and infinite source of existence.

“I am advising each one of you to bring forth the glory of my Father’s kingdom, and as you do bring forth His Kingdom, put your trust in the Father whose individualizations you are. Resist not the appearance of injustice; and put not your trust in the temporal and unsightly wickedness of the world’s justice system. Be thou willing to go through the temporal suffering of the appearances of injustice, and allow God’s justice to reign supreme over all in your trust in Him. Focus instead on being a kind and merciful minister to all that are within your sphere of influence. Receive and minister patiently and attentively in kindness and with mercy to all who are in distress and in need.; for the world is full to overflowing with those souls who have good intent and yet, have become imprisoned by the karmas of their past intendings. Help them to understand the law and how to fulfill it with unconditional love and acceptance, supreme knowledge and maturity, giving them your receivings with full attentive love.

“I do share with you each herein to have patience with those who seem needy and emotionally emptied. Love each as if it is thine very Selfhood that you are nurturing; for in truth, it is such. Give thine allowance and acceptance to those who hate and even despise you, bless those who curse you by allowing them their choices; for all that is sent outward unto others is impressed and imposed upon the force of Life of the giver, and it will be a day in their future that they are compelled to reap whatsoever they have sown. Pray for those who are users and selfish pranksters knowing that they too must come to account for all their misgivings and they will need your prayers in their distant future when they are called to redeem and repent from their wanton ways of unrighteousness and confusion. Let not thineself be used, but know that nothing can come into your field of life unless you too are vibrating to those very same frequencies; so be forthright and diligent, disciplined and humble in redeeming all that you may encounter around thee. And whatsoever you believe that I would do to men, do you also to them.

“Thine Paradise Father allows the rays of the sun to shine on all men and women regardless of their stature and consciousness. Be most fully the sons and daughters of God by upstepping thine character and by recognizing that you are His individualization that can hold consciousness of thyself as individual and as the One Whole; even more, you are now the living representations in matter of my Father’s Kingdom. Be thou merciful and just, in the very same way that ye perceive that God Himself is merciful and just, and in the eternal future of the Kingdom and even in this very moment in time and space…you shall be perfected, even as your heavenly Paradise Father is perfect.

“You are being supported to offer other men and women your acceptance for whatsoever conditions you may find them in. Judge them not for ye cannot perceive the fullness of the actions that either you or they have become involved within. Spend time embracing eternity by exchanging thine darkness and density for the light of your own God Force presence. Mercy and love will overflow as you seek God Himself and do it first and foremost in your lifetime here; for whatsoever you do not resolve here in the here and now will not automatically become washed clean after you pass away from this screen of life. Instead, seek even to raise thine soul and personality into His everlasting Light and through His Love drawn down into your physical conditions you will wash away all that you’ve been willing to see and be accountable for.

“At the end of your earth life you will all expect mercy and patience; so… I would ask of thee to show this same mercy and patience to all others and wherein you encounter obstructions to loving in your outside surroundings, know that this is merely the symbol of your inner obstructions that must be mastered through fulfillment of the law of your existence, and the living of the will of heaven, and the replacing of your character and attitudes of mortality and limitation with those of eternity and infinity. I would ask of thee from you during your mortal life that you show mercy to all of your brethren in the flesh. Make not the mistake of sitting in judgment of another and attempting to ‘pluck a mote out of your brother’s eye when there is a beam in your own eye.’ Having first cast the beam out of your own eye by your mastery of the divine mirror of life and the inquiry in fulfilling the law, you can all the better see fit to cast the mote out of your brother’s or sister’s eye.

“Walk with the discernment of the purified heart so that ye may perceive the truth most clearly; live thine life righteously and fearlessly when it comes time to take thine own accounting of any errors and misqualifications that will arise in you and around you in the world of effects; and so shall you be the true and lasting aspirants of my Paradise Father…His Individualizations who have become more completely Christic in thy frequency vibration. When it comes time wherein you are given something to accomplish in service within the Kingdom, lead not the blind with thine own blindness. Guide others into an understanding of His law and the righteous use of the embracing of eternity through your creative free will powers. Stand as clean and clear representatives of the righteous use and accountable strength in the way to properly enter into the kingdom; you must yourselves walk in the clear light of living truth. In all the unfolding business of the kingdom I counsel thee to demonstrate justice in your dealings with other, doing the right thing as thine conscience directs thee. Be keen and mature in thine expressions using wisdom, yet, be ever cautious to remain silent when wisdom dictates and when you are ill received simply direct thine Selfhood to others wherein you will be taken with respect and dignity.

“In discerning truth from falsehood I highlight herein for your discernments when opening yourself to others when it comes to money and teachings. Ideas seem harmless, yet they are living things that will corrupt you if left unattended. Seek thine inner wisdom and counsel of thine own Intelligence and ask not of others who do not have the purity and maturity to offer anything other than their own egotistical ignorance and painful rebelliousness to the Father. A good tree cannot yield evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree produce good fruit. Every personality soul that does not bring forth good fruit is presently hewn down and cast into the fire at the time that they will transfigure all their human preconceived opinions and erroneous ideas of life. In gaining an entrance into the kingdom of the divine consciousness of heaven, it is the inner motive that is seen by God. My Father looks into the hearts of men and takes accounting only by their inner longings and sincere intentions.

“Everyone who hears these words that I have offered unto thee and sincerely executes his inner directives to serve and assist shall find an abundant entrance into their greater service expression beyond this fleeting moment of thine lifetimes within the Earth itself.

The Kingdom of His Sovereignty awaits thine entrance with warmth and welcoming embrace.”

~Christ Michael Aton


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