The Kingdom of Our Godhood is One

We enter beloveds into a relationship with the One Life .. a religion of personal experience in doing the will of God and serving the Kingdom upon the earth. In my life here .. this bestowal into the fold of my children .. I am honoring both the human and the divine by seeking to blend both together as One. As I am of the Order of Michael, I have the given capacity to extend directly from Paradise to the most primitive places in creation the understanding patterns and precepts of the Persons of the Paradise Trinity.

On earth, this begins with understanding the eternal marriage . . .

This is the eternal marriage of the human bride and the divine bridegroom; for only the Father Force can penetrate the lesser in Its Omnipotence. In my own unfoldment demonstration of this .. I must make myself receptive as a man of this human realm. I offer into this burgeoning marriage my adoration and allegiance .. my awareness and acceptance of the Divine Spirit of my Father God.
In this simple way I allow Him to blend and upgrade my limited humanity with Him. Followers in the past have failed to create a unified religion which might have given proper recognition to both the human and the divine natures.. as they are inseparably bound up in the earth life.

My approach into this great Ideal that we all share together as one first and foremost to bring balance and justice .. harmony .. to any and all the human imperfectly vibrating energies that I discover in my human selfhood…the four bodies of expression. This is the fulfillment of law which must be adhered to … before … again.. before … we can fully live the Father’s will by becoming more of His perfected identity and divinely perfect nature. And so … I come to you with this reminder .. that you cannot place “new wine into old skins”; as was so gloriously set forth in the original gospel of the kingdom placed forth over the centuries. One of the few statements that did survive through the ages.

My strongest pronouncements were an affirming demonstration of the righteous use of our free will as His Individualization. In my own wholehearted devotion to living and becoming this great Ideal, I consecrate my mortal selfhood .. unreservedly dedicating this human mind to doing my Father’s will.
My discourses and sayings are more of a personal confession of faith and my pledge of devotion .. showing you .. and sharing with you .. my way.

These are my commands to my own Godhood as a demonstration of the great and wise use of my free will in the expression of my desire and dedicated devotion to be preparing to enter into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty because now and even then in the times of olden Jerusalem .. I sought to establish His Sovereignty in me and through me by dissolving into Him all the baser elements of my humble humanity.

And it is this very singleness of attention, awareness, priority, purpose, and unselfish devotion that enabled me to effect such extraordinary progress in the conquest of my human mind in one short life. Many of my declarations should be considered as a confession of what I am demanding of myself rather than what I required of all my disciples and followers. You too, must demand to live higher and brighter in accordance with this Ever-Present Ideal. In our devotion to the cause of widening the divine influences of the Father’s kingdom, we are required out of necessity to burn all bridges behind us, and to die psychologically to all that will prevent this great unfoldment. To sacrifice all hindrances and every obstruction within our human soul field of density to the doing of our Father’s will. This then, allows our field to evolve and progress from density wherein resistance and rebellion exist due to the human defense mechanisms, and the many lifetimes of the materializing energies of these lower octaves. We then begin to inhabit a field of receptivity which is highly magnetizing to the light.
In our association together, I would expect from you .. if you are sincerely doing the preparatory activities in plowing thy field of the human personality soul .. that you would be in contact and intimate use with the divine mirror and it’s powerful use to reclaim all that you have sown throughout the cycle of incarnations.

Christ Michael Aton


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