The Heart of Supremacy and the Endowment of Paradise

My teaching and guidance is for spiritual practitioners and those individuals who yearn for the taste…the bread of God Himself. I emphasize in our association to cultivate the spiritual discipline to embrace eternity each day gradually and fluidly with consistency and determination. My guidance offers you character maturing and refinement in your opening to the spiritual attitudes . . . the be attitudes, and the precepts of the Paradise Deity more than anything else. Our association lays down means and methods of reaching the goal of peace and harmony…and the abundant life everlasting.

Spiritual discipline is the product of keen and steady yearning for progress... for that inner closeness with the Father Presence within you.  The aspirant must aspire, not despair or become impatient, or even begin to look for the easy way out by ‘adjusting’ my teachings to fool yourself and your ego manipulations. He must persevere, not clamour for quick success. Only over time and with devoted adherence to the righteous use of your free will can I truly assist you and walk with you in the greater more conscious way…together as One. These teachings of understanding are akin to a boat, which takes people across from the self-imposed state of human limitation and bondage to the freedom that is their nature in the Father. People are taken from darkness to light, from living a life that is lusterless to walking immersed in the immanence of His splendour. The Endowment is the circuitry within the body of God Himself that must be aspired to follow and enter into. The precepts of Paradise which I have continued to share with you will ordain disciplines and duties that are free from the taints of tendencies and impulses that tie people to the relentless wheel of birth and death.

I come to offer those with a mind ready to give up their own ideas and who are willing to enter into our association eternal. I come to reacquaint you with our fellowship…our eternal relationship…and through the Spirit of Truth I surround you in all ways…guiding your mind into the renewal of right attitudes and spiritualizing your heart and mind into a great cooperation with Me.

I write to you herein due to the many people who are contacting me looking for My help, yet are confused about My instructions on what is required to receive that help which I so desire to offer you. Without your commitment and trust in Me, I can do only very little; for I must wait upon your ripening to want to go beyond the prideful attitudes of wanting to do it on your own, and taking my teachings and altering the ideal so that it suits your notion of the easy way through the egoism which has taken hold.

Christ Michael Aton


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