The Be Attitudes of Creation

I speak with you here on the Five M's of Mind and Consciousness. I share with you each .. my beloveds who are a living member of Mine Being .. a deeper understanding of the great Laws. These are the same laws that are used by the builders of creation. These M's must be coupled with the Be Attitudes .. the Sacred A's and the Holy C's.

The Holy C's being Concentration ..  Consecration .. Cooperation .. Consistency .. Conviction .. Confidence .. and Collaboration.

The Sacred A's such as Adoration and Acceptance of creation must be combined with the laws of Mind in order to Magnify .. Magnetize .. Maximize .. Momentumize .. and Master.... your chosen desire.

Let's focus upon just a few here today.

We are each uniquely personal individualizations of the One God, and we are also the fullness of His Oceanic Presence.  When in expression we are personality in action. We are Personalized and Dynamic rather than Impersonalized and Passive.

As this Individualized and concentrated Presence we are called forth to expand His Perfection .. His Kingdom of Light and Life. And there is only one way by which creation works .. and it is through the understanding of the laws of Infinite Mind and these A's and C's.

Through Magnifying your chosen object of worship with your active use of the Holy C's coupled with your creative beam of the Sacred M's ... you are building a momentum of creatively concentrated energies into a direction of your choosing. Momentumize your existence into the receipt of greater light. This must occur through the EEE, which are the righteous use of your creative consciousness and free will. The EEE give you the right foundation in building an upward and inward momentum in your relationship and realization of the Paradise Father Eternal Son Infinite Spirit.

Magnify the reality of God's Presence by focusing your devotional attention upon the Force that is moving you right now. In this Force resides all love, wisdom and intelligence, and creative power. Magnify this Force of your own Life. This is what is referred to as the Supreme God who is most accessible to you through your own Life Force or Lifestream.  This Stream comes to you from your own Father Presence in the octaves above the earth. At times I refer to that Father Principle as your Oversoul.  There is the One Oversoul of all creation .. and this Being of Supremacy Individualized Himself into trillions of Individualizations of Himself which are each uniquely personal and which are progressively evolving on almost an infinite number of planets.

As you Magnify the Force of your own Life, you amalgamate or attach yourself to the greater One Oversoul Supreme God of all. This is the God of creation who is an offshoot or derivative of the greater Paradise Father Eternal Son Infinite Spirit.  To Magnify is to worship because in this Magnification you are beaming your creative life juices into the Ideal for existence.  The Life Force and Oversoul Presence of yourself is the replica of the Supreme God .. and He is the Pattern of Paradise in time and space creation for all to ascribe to and become.

As you Magnify Him, you are a tuning fork which then begins to vibrate just like Him. He is then able to quicken you to His frequencies of pure life. Your worship is your Power of Invocation with its Be Attitudes.  This is a natural power which human beings are growing into mastering. Magnifying is worship, and as You worship with your thoughts and feelings and spoken words,  so do you become those qualities and frequencies of your chosen focus. This is the highest use of your free will.

Adore and appreciate the Force of your life. Give Him as You .. your acceptance and allegiance and loyalty. Align with this Life first and foremost.  Place your attention and awareness upon Him who resides just beyond your breathing. Expand into Him .. for this Force is literally Infinite Intelligence and Limitless Love. He is the Immaculate Consciousness that gives bliss and happiness to all without conditions.

...and wheresoever and whatsoever you Magnify .. you Momentumize into your soul. You create your future .. your destiny in light and the higher octaves of life or like most .. you will minimize your existence and be building a momentum that is going against the Universal Flow of Infinity.

Christ Michael Aton


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