Soul Country

To become Sovereign is to own thyself by entering into the Kingdom of our own Light and inner Life. We allow the Paradise Father Fragment or Spark of God which motivates us to establish for us its perpetual harmony and order.

How? By applying with righteousness and dedication our free will power and authority as a child of the Trinity Source. You have the authority and right, the power and ability, to take dominion over everything within you that is not in alignment with happiness and harmony.

And when this begins to occur for you through right understanding of your creative nature .. you will transform thy personality soul with His Light and Life. You will be remaking thyself in His likeness and in His image which Is His Immaculate Conception.  That is how you were created to be .. One with the Father Fragment. He is your destination. Your destiny...

Sovereignty is taking possession of thyself in mind and emotion so that the things of the world do not make you a slave to their vibrational qualities. So that the lowest nature in you is placed under your control and transformed into your highest nature. This is the initiation that I demonstrate today .. the required and necessary progression from a human being with imperfections and limitations .. into a Supreme God .. who is Sovereign over all of your personal terrain... the country of thine own soul.

Sovereignty is becoming your own king or queen within your personal soul domain. That is your territory .. your country .. and it is your destiny to rule over that terrain with love and mercy.

Through becoming sovereign and at one with the everywhere present God Force, you mature and develop your God given talents and abilities, your individuality remains always, and your empowerment grows exponentially as you give control over to your deeper Selfhood which is the Spark of the Paradise Father.  He desires to become one eternally with you in this process of becoming Sovereign and Free. He must be allowed to transform the human imperfectly vibrating areas of your personality soul into His Pure and Perfect Harmony and Divine Order. He can only transfigure that heavier soul substance as you ask Him to .. and as you cooperate with Him in this achievement to make you into His true daughter or son.

Just like a country is sovereign and free to abide in its own laws and rule itself; the Paradise Father will rule over everything in and around you .. yet for your own upliftment out of love and intelligence because He is truly You. He will help you to enter into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and the Living Network of His Supremacy which is the Host of Heaven.

So .. rather than have other people's ideas rule you .. and have other opinions control you .. as you give your loyalty and allegiance .. your love and adoration .. to this indwelling Spark of God our Father .. He will make you into your own Sovereign Son or Sovereign Daughter; at one with Him.

Within your own personal universe of your soul .. you will reign as Sovereign. This is the intended meaning of entering into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty.

...and from this point of personal sovereignty,  you will be prepared each day if you learn to exchange the heavier thoughts and feelings for lighter qualities .. you will be achieving an inner sovereignty and freedom that is permanent and one with the Father.

I come into the Earth once again .. to clarify My original precepts and to help you become Sovereign as His son or daughter established in Truth, Beauty, and His Goodness.

I AM thy Sovereign Son of this Universe..


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