Our Everlasting Fellowship Together

Here is what I ask of each of you in our association . . .

See the Lord thy God as the Animating Power and Intelligence who moves you in every step of thought and feeling and act. Dedicate your thoughts and acts to Him while transfiguring the olden mental ideas and emotional reactions to life.

See Him in every being, being aware of Him every moment of existence and be in communion with Him as the indwellor that is your nature and identity, and the all-permeating Presence that is in front of you and behind you, above you and beneath you as a physical person.

Work to transfigure the misqualified karmas by taking accountability for all your experiences, and those things that you perceive which are negative and destructive, ask for the Forgiveness Flame of the Creative Mother Spirit through any member of the Host for this planet to saturate that portion of your consciousness with their Love...Omnipotent Love.

Learn to become immersed in a perpetual awareness of Him while taking your attention and devotion off of the outer humanly misqualified effect which are imperfect .. be immersed in the bliss and faith fueled living of this awareness. It is what I would term living faith, an alive faith that acts as an alchemical elixir changing all imperfections in you to His everlasting Light which is pure perfection vibrationally. Also, being merged in the relation with the Father Principle who is everywhere and in everyone, as everyone as they make this actualization a fact of their existence.

This is the paradox of the ages...that He is everywhere as everyone,m yet people do not get to experience Him because this Supreme Spirit is the Almighty God within time and space creation .. participating in the evolutionary unfoldment and progression of the universes, and of every single being which He Is.  Hence, thy pure devotion through living faith and trusting implicitly in Him, and in Our Association whereby I can guide you through the Spirit of Truth of Mine Being, and whereby you are actively inviting the Creative Mother Spirit to extend Her influences, Her agents, Her Host members, and Her adjutant Spirits who will mentor you as you allow it. I...here in this physical come to consciously offer you instruction on the way we have prepared for you. Certainly, our conscious relationship while I am here in the garment of flesh allows all these cooperative arrangements to become initiated together as One Being.

Hence, give your time and energy to building this bride of relationship with Him, and I and the Mother Flame will participate with you to secure for you this upward trajectory of Love and realization which is set into motion by your free will choices and good character decisions, causes within you built upon the simplicity of your profound devotion and love to Him.

Next, dedicating all acts, big and small, to Him. All wishes and desires, all will and animating power is His, accentuating the be attitudes of invocation and pure worship of Him in all things and at the Center and Source of all existence, all your activity give Him credit for it, all fruitful results are His own, and every good and constructive consequence is due to His great Love for you each — dedicating everything from beginning to end to Him within you who enfolds you and interpenetrates your every cell and atomic particle...

Finally, practice renunciation of all attachment to the ephemeral small self who is akin to a bubble appearing out from the Ocean I AM, and conduct yourselves with regard to all your worldly performance of all acts in a spirit of worshipful non-attachment to the results. This will begin to annihilate all tendencies in your human self for manipulation, control, and abuse while attempting to use God for these maneuvers. He will not participate in that just so you know. Alignment with His Will through fulfilling His Law opens the Kingdom doors for you to have a life that continually is raised upwards. Each day as you embrace eternity by transfiguring the imperfect vibrations you will be creating an upward trajectory in vibrational attunement that catapults you into the Seamless Garment of Immaculate Light.

This is the new immortal body that you will transmute into upon your graduation which gives you entrance into Our octaves of purity and perfection. And this is merely the first of thousands upon thousands of higher transmutations that you will give yourself to through service and love for God.
It is in this exact way that one day in the distant future you will have prepared yourself in frequency to be able to withstand His Presence as You meet Him face to face in Paradise and then are sent out on other more grand adventures of service and love and mercy.

This is what the Paradise Father Son Spirit seeks from you.

Certainly, it is a great challenge that sits before you;  to effect this full surrender and sacrifice, this selflessness and service to love Him so deeply that you transmute into His nature and Identify with Him in all way possible...

But if you make but the slightest effort toward the EEE or EAE, then He will confer the courage upon you to pursue this royal road of light to the earthly completion. We have designed the evolutionary progression for humanity in this way so that each lifestream soul and personality grows optimally in their character, their good choices, their accountability, their free will powers and attitudes of eternity. The completion is the Paradise Pattern that you move into over time with Our help...
I, thy Creator Son Michael, and the Creative Mother Spirit, and the Immaculate Immortal Host of this Planetary civilization . . . we will walk with you and help you as a friend, as a brother and sister, as your very Selfhood. And I Michael, as your Spiritual Father Brother Friend am dedicated to you in every way possible to make certain your ascent into the greater Life more Abundant. Be willing to undergo the necessary changes to your personality soul so that I can adjust your field into greater receptivity to the Father Principle.

 I will continue to lead you as your teacher and guide both here in the flesh and in the Comforter Spirit of My being.

We will guard you from evil and temptation only in so far as you are transfiguring yourself into light; for we simply must hand back to you those past karmas of energies imperfectly qualified that you must unconditionally receive back with love and acceptance, and then the desire to transfigure it into light.

...and the Father Son Spirit with us and through us will be your staff and support in every moment of your existence.

Christ Michael Aton


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