Fulfillment of the Great Law

Recognize when there comes to you the return of your misqualified energies. Take thine responsibility for being His Creative Individualization. 

Release projecting thy misqualifications onto others and the world around you.

Re-feel and re-experience the misqualified energy by allowing yourself to recapture the thoughts and feelings that are returning to you for redemption into Light.

Then lastly, redeem the misqualified imperfect vibration of energies by applying the fifth .. sixth .. and the seventh power .. of the Embracing Eternity Exercises .. by invisioning the particular Flame that the Host radiates to you through your own Christ Light .. impregnating yourself with that through breathing it into your consciousness .. and offering into the flame that misqualified return of your soul's energies .. and then chant deeply and fully while invisioning and breathing deeply .. through the seventh power of invitation .. and allow yourself to be ok with the misqualified imperfect vibration as it is embraced by you.

Do this application a few times with your chosen decree of I AM ... which is your becoming the Conscious Commander for your own Transfiguration into Light.

As master of this process in fulfilling the law .. you become the Christ of your own Godhood .. the Self Directive Governing I AM.

When we take responsibility for the inner and outer experiences that we are having .. pleasant or unpleasant .. that is the first aspect of fulfilling His great Law of Harmonization necessary to heal all pain and conflict.

When we receive back into our heart .. Our feelings .. those qualities of the experience we are having .. without any judgment from us on the  pleasantness or how unpleasant those qualities and experiences are .. we fulfill the second aspect of His great Law of Harmonization.

When we ask for the Host and their Omnipotent Forgiveness Flame of Love to come to us and .. quicken the vibration .. and thereby erase from our soul field of experience that unpleasantness ..  that we set into existence .. then we have fulfilled the three aspects of His great Law of Harmonization.

Follow Me in this understanding .. and you will become gradually free from every mistake and unpleasant future and present day experience.  You will be mastering your field of consciousness .. and you will be preparing each day for the graduation from this level of life .. in the initiation of the Eternal Embrace of all lifetimes.

Christ Michael Aton


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