Expand thy Perfection and Immortalize thine Existence

You are God's Individualization right now, and yet, to experience the benefit of your nature and identity you must redeem and regenerate the prior obstructions of misqualified energies in your soul field .. your four bodies of expression.

And as His Individualization,  you are agreeing to make constructive use of your four lower bodies; in thoughts and feelings and the spoken word and actions taken .. you are the commander of your destiny. Only you through the sacredness of your day to day choices can bring forward the radiation of the Universal Light that is God's love.

The Father desires in Will and Intent for His Individualizations to experience all love and unending peace, exquisite beauty and joy, harmony,  happiness,  and complete healing. So as you cleanse from all prior misuse of these lower bodies of expression,  and as you learn to apply your free will towards your own fulfillment,  then you will stop interrupting His Pure and Immaculate Flow of Perfection into the manifestation around you and in you.

Magnify Perfection .. magnetize love and mercy .. Maximize each opportunity to become free .. Momentumize your existence into the Seamless Garment of light .. and Master your energy and personal vibration. Then ye shall become Manifest in thine godhood.

Christ Michael Aton


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