Thine Divine Order of the Human Being

Think ye that I would have you ignorant of heavenly things because ye do sleep in flesh?
2 I tell you that I have come unto you many times in spirit and said, Arise! Awaken! Awaken! Arise!
3 But ye have heard me not in that your slumbers were profound; now I do tell you that profoundness of your slumbers hath been broken, therefore ye issue into a knowledge.
4 There is no knowledge that may not be yours if ye but have equipment to receive and understand it.
5 Making ignorance for the sake of ignorance is an abomination, since it maketh of man's mind a mockery.
6 If ye do have no understanding of divine things, how proceed ye toward the Godhead?
7 Verily I say, this is the failing of all the generations, that they fear there is sin in looking at Light.
8 Understand ye not that Light is for those who have eyes whereby to see, even of the Light? Ignorance and blindness walk hand in hand with darkness; all are negative.
9 Man hath his propensity for turning toward the darkness, thinking it humility, whereas it is but childish fear of confronting facts that may not be of his interpretation.
10 Man hath no need for seeking darkness, thinking to please his Maker; verily he displeaseth his Maker seeking to instruct him in truth that hath life.
11 Now I bespeak you a fact known only to those who have physically died: There is no Substance to error or ignorance.
12 Substance only is positive, creative, expounding unto senses; substance is God and God is substance, as hath been displayed unto you herein.
13 No man hath seen God at any time, because God is Incarnate Thought manifesting in a hundred thousand trillion orders of creation that have sprung from Incarnate Thought in conjunction with Ether.
14 I have no mind to tell you that which ye canst conceive not, but this do I tell you: There is creation on creation, of which man as mortal is of low, low order.
15 Ye have heard me say that ye did volunteer to come into substance that ye might manifest unto those who have found themselves in substance for purposes of experience.
16 I say that ye are created of divine order that ministereth unto all created orders, instructing them in eternal benefactions.
17 I too am of that Order.
18 Verily have pages been inscribed telling of me in terms of the mortal; I say that they are permitted in that they teach humankind that it may have no greater concept than I had in those pages of mine own divinity and yet make its impress on the ages.
19 I did know of mine own divinity from childhood, growing in stature mentally as I grew in stature physically.
20 Verily I speak as one having knowledge of elementals, not of literal concepts.
21 Man hath a mission unto his own species during these coming generations in that he developeth himself from provincialism to universality; he maketh himself to know his brother in the innermost parts, both inward and outward; he maketh himself to know the world by experience, not by hearsay.
22 Therefore is he wise in his self-esteem; his concepts are broadening and his sympathies are widening; but this is not enough.
23 He must see his brother as himself and build his own monument to self-sacrifice in the ways of art and business, verily of deportment among the nations.
24 Think ye, beloved, that I would tell you untruths?
25 I say unto men, Put up your swords, destroy your implements of war, build hospitals and houses of alms with that substance which now is expended for destruction; man hath a large knowledge of that which is required of him by the Host that sustaineth him.
26 I come unto him by picture and parable and invention and avenues of international discoursing opened by instruments of travel that are not of earth's surface.
27 This meaneth not development of curiosity as to spirit phenomena; it meaneth spiritual development to hear voices from far reaches.
28 The time hath come for man to regain his lost heritage and strike out into uncharted fields of intellect and compassion for his fellows.
29 I say unto you that ye do have missions to preach this doctrine of self-immolation; ye have missions to perform greater than any that ye have performed, since ye do summon mankind into the presence of the Host by developing the senses to perceive the Host.
30 Think ye that I would have you ignorant of the ways whereof it happeneth, when ye must preach unto others that assuredly it happeneth?
31 I tell you therefore of heavenly matters, sealing your lips against utterance of things as yet not speakable.
32 Know that I tell you that man hath a large quality of perspicacity which he knoweth not of consciously; he cometh into presence of Eternal Ones and knoweth it daily, else would he despair and revert unto darkness.
33 I tell you that man hath gone further in understanding of eternal principles since the whole world knew its war than in twenty centuries that went before that carnage, not in intelligence so much as in perception of his brother's problems, his brother's griefs, his brother's disappointments, his brother's aspirations.
34 Verily hath it happened in that man hath learned the parable of the sower: that which is cast to the ground bringeth forth fruit according to the fertility of the soil on which it falleth.
35 Ye do have missions to tell men that I reign a thousand years from the generation whereof ye know your present flesh.
36 This reign will be marked by my literal presence again on earth, not coming as a mystic as I came before, but in etheric body, seeable by men constantly in different places, under divers conditions for constructive purposes.
37 History hath not yet recorded so great a work as must be accomplished in the five decades that come with morrow.
38 The time of trial cometh unerringly; prepare yourselves, I tell you, knowing that it cometh; that which is Written is sacred logic, that which is Written is Divine Intention. . . .

~The Golden Scripts

Christ Michael Aton


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