All Authority is Given with Thine Allegiance and Adoration Applied

Mine Aspirants . . .

As the Supreme God Individualized, you hold all authority and power, all right and ability to fulfill His Law and live His Will.

You will do this only in one way regardless of your religious and spiritual persuasions; through the conscious command for the descent of the Cosmic Fire of Creation.

This is the drawing down into your personality and soul field ... for purification and quickening ... the Holy Spirit of the Universe Mother Spirit  ... as She steps down Her Omnipotence through the Host of Heaven.

Thine brothers and sisters who have graduated from the evolutionary progression of the Earth schoolhouse have stayed to serve and help all others instead of going upward further unto the almost endless octaves that all go inward and upward to Paradise.

The descent of the Holy Spirit by your conscious command fulfills one portion of the law; that you desire with total devotion and dedication to have the Light of the Father's Presence take up residence in you. This is the first part of the eternal initiation that I did demonstrate 2,000 years ago, and I am here once again demonstrating the very same process of unfoldment for humanity.

This time, however, I will not undergo the death or dying process and the transcendence of death will be direct by going into light directly. I am showing you whilst here amongst thee the way of Paradise, and the approach that all who have graduated from the Earth and gone onwards...have made use of. ALl religious paths and spiritual avenues arrive at this destination. I am simply allowing all to arrive in their own timing, and I and the Mother and the Host await thine point of arrival here in understanding and application.

I teach you of the Embracing Eternity Exercises which give to you the empowerment to embrace eternity each day by exchanging the lesser vibratory substance for the higher light. This is the transfiguration which leads you into the resurrection and ascension. I am calling it the full atonement of the Eternal Embrace; embracing eternity each day to prepare thyself for the Eternal Embrace.

One of the righteous Powers of the EEE's is Invitation for the Descent of the Cosmic Fire of Creation:

Using the Powers of Invisioning or Imagination, Impregnation, and Invitation, the true aspirant activates their authority and rights as His Individualization.

You are becoming in fuller conscious awareness this Self Directive Governing I AM . . . the Individualization of the Great I AM...the Self Consciousness of God the Father in time and space; His experiential exploration and development is unfolding in you...and as You.

Invitation coupled with Impregnation, and Imagination allows you to apply Mine Ideal to enter into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty by expanding His Sovereign Presence in you and through your human imperfections. This transfigures the imperfect misqualifications of all your lifetimes into His Absolute Purity and Perfection. This is the fulfillment of the Pattern of Paradise...the Precepts of Paradise which are handed down to humanity by those who come in His name and with the comprehension of His Way, His Truth, and His Life.

Invitation, Impregnation, Imagination applied in one statement said slowly and deeply while breathing and seeing or visualizing the colors of this God Virtues as it becomes extended to you through the Host and through your own Godhood Presence...the Paradise Presence of the Spirit of the Father Source.

"I AM Blazing Sunshine the Majesty of Omnipotent Love Golden Yellow Fire Illumination from Above."

Christ Michael Aton


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