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Fulfillment of the Great Law

Recognize when there comes to you the return of your misqualified energies. Take thine responsibility for being His Creative Individualization.  Release projecting thy misqualifications onto others and the world around you. Re-feel and re-experience the misqualified energy by allowing yourself to recapture the thoughts and feelings that are returning to you for redemption into Light. Then lastly, redeem the misqualified imperfect vibration of energies by applying the fifth .. sixth .. and the seventh power .. of the Embracing Eternity Exercises .. by invisioning the particular Flame that the Host radiates to you through your own Christ Light .. impregnating yourself with that through breathing it into your consciousness .. and offering into the flame that misqualified return of your soul's energies .. and then chant deeply and fully while invisioning and breathing deeply .. through the seventh power of invitation .. and allow yourself to be ok with the misqualified imperfect vibra…

The Kingdom of Our Godhood is One

We enter beloveds into a relationship with the One Life .. a religion of personal experience in doing the will of God and serving the Kingdom upon the earth. In my life here .. this bestowal into the fold of my children .. I am honoring both the human and the divine by seeking to blend both together as One. As I am of the Order of Michael, I have the given capacity to extend directly from Paradise to the most primitive places in creation the understanding patterns and precepts of the Persons of the Paradise Trinity.

On earth, this begins with understanding the eternal marriage . . .
This is the eternal marriage of the human bride and the divine bridegroom; for only the Father Force can penetrate the lesser in Its Omnipotence. In my own unfoldment demonstration of this .. I must make myself receptive as a man of this human realm. I offer into this burgeoning marriage my adoration and allegiance .. my awareness and acceptance of the Divine Spirit of my Father God. In this simple way I…

Soul Country

To become Sovereign is to own thyself by entering into the Kingdom of our own Light and inner Life. We allow the Paradise Father Fragment or Spark of God which motivates us to establish for us its perpetual harmony and order.How? By applying with righteousness and dedication our free will power and authority as a child of the Trinity Source. You have the authority and right, the power and ability, to take dominion over everything within you that is not in alignment with happiness and harmony. And when this begins to occur for you through right understanding of your creative nature .. you will transform thy personality soul with His Light and Life. You will be remaking thyself in His likeness and in His image which Is His Immaculate Conception.  That is how you were created to be .. One with the Father Fragment. He is your destination. Your destiny...Sovereignty is taking possession of thyself in mind and emotion so that the things of the world do not make you a slave to their vibratio…

The Voice of Mercy

“At The JSM Eternal Verities Institute we have designed a way for individuals who love God and desire to be more like Him .. to grow into becoming sincere aspirants who seek the greater life more abundant .. to enter into the Kingdom of His Love and Mercy .. preparing to bring completion and graduate from the evolution of the Earth .. to become a candidate of the Eternal Embrace through the threefold initiation of union with the Spark of God within them.

“These are a living part of Mine Private Writings for aspirants, awakening greater depth in relationship, realization, and remembrance of your Divine Inheritance and Authority. By actively and righteously applying your power to recognize the One Father, receive Him in all thine ways, and release His Energies of Perfection through the Conscious Commands of becoming the Self Directive Governing I AM in Expression, ye set thine existence upon a course of unstoppable Fulfillment, Harmony, and Order Divine.

“The Kingdom of His Sovereignty…

All Authority is Given with Thine Allegiance and Adoration Applied

Mine Aspirants . . .

As the Supreme God Individualized, you hold all authority and power, all right and ability to fulfill His Law and live His Will.

You will do this only in one way regardless of your religious and spiritual persuasions; through the conscious command for the descent of the Cosmic Fire of Creation.

This is the drawing down into your personality and soul field ... for purification and quickening ... the Holy Spirit of the Universe Mother Spirit  ... as She steps down Her Omnipotence through the Host of Heaven.

Thine brothers and sisters who have graduated from the evolutionary progression of the Earth schoolhouse have stayed to serve and help all others instead of going upward further unto the almost endless octaves that all go inward and upward to Paradise.

The descent of the Holy Spirit by your conscious command fulfills one portion of the law; that you desire with total devotion and dedication to have the Light of the Father's Presence take up residence in you.…

Our Everlasting Fellowship Together

Here is what I ask of each of you in our association . . .
See the Lord thy God as the Animating Power and Intelligence who moves you in every step of thought and feeling and act. Dedicate your thoughts and acts to Him while transfiguring the olden mental ideas and emotional reactions to life.
See Him in every being, being aware of Him every moment of existence and be in communion with Him as the indwellor that is your nature and identity, and the all-permeating Presence that is in front of you and behind you, above you and beneath you as a physical person.
Work to transfigure the misqualified karmas by taking accountability for all your experiences, and those things that you perceive which are negative and destructive, ask for the Forgiveness Flame of the Creative Mother Spirit through any member of the Host for this planet to saturate that portion of your consciousness with their Love...Omnipotent Love.
Learn to become immersed in a perpetual awareness of Him while taking your att…

The Heart of Supremacy and the Endowment of Paradise

My teaching and guidance is for spiritual practitioners and those individuals who yearn for the taste…the bread of God Himself. I emphasize in our association to cultivate the spiritual discipline to embrace eternity each day gradually and fluidly with consistency and determination. My guidance offers you character maturing and refinement in your opening to the spiritual attitudes . . . the be attitudes, and the precepts of the Paradise Deity more than anything else. Our association lays down means and methods of reaching the goal of peace and harmony…and the abundant life everlasting.

Spiritual discipline is the product of keen and steady yearning for progress... for that inner closeness with the Father Presence within you.  The aspirant must aspire, not despair or become impatient, or even begin to look for the easy way out by ‘adjusting’ my teachings to fool yourself and your ego manipulations. He must persevere, not clamour for quick success. Only over time and with devoted adher…

Our One Great Cause is Light, Love, and the Abundant Life Everlasting

I have come into this life bestowal in order to fulfill my covenant with humanity. To help reignite the flame of light and love in your hearts, and to bring an intellectual emancipation to people who have, over lifetimes, developed erroneous ideas about God and His simple way of harmony and happiness.

I bring with me the requisite oils of the Word to place into the hearts of those who are receptive to me, so that you may tend to your own hearts and expand that indwelling spark into a much fuller flame that overwhelms your human imperfections.

I have not returned into this human fold to speak on behalf of any particular religion. There is no particular religion that can monopolize nor own me and the teachings I have brought forth over time within the Earth.

I haven't come to foster or uphold any overt mission for any sect or creed or cause other than to amplify the avenues of illumination that the Mighty Host advance the civilization and the One great Cause of Light.


Thine Divine Order of the Human Being

Think ye that I would have you ignorant of heavenly things because ye do sleep in flesh? 2 I tell you that I have come unto you many times in spirit and said, Arise! Awaken! Awaken! Arise! 3 But ye have heard me not in that your slumbers were profound; now I do tell you that profoundness of your slumbers hath been broken, therefore ye issue into a knowledge. 4 There is no knowledge that may not be yours if ye but have equipment to receive and understand it. 5 Making ignorance for the sake of ignorance is an abomination, since it maketh of man's mind a mockery. 6 If ye do have no understanding of divine things, how proceed ye toward the Godhead? 7 Verily I say, this is the failing of all the generations, that they fear there is sin in looking at Light. 8 Understand ye not that Light is for those who have eyes whereby to see, even of the Light? Ignorance and blindness walk hand in hand with darkness; all are negative. 9 Man hath his propensity for turning toward the darkness, thin…

Expand thy Perfection and Immortalize thine Existence

You are God's Individualization right now, and yet, to experience the benefit of your nature and identity you must redeem and regenerate the prior obstructions of misqualified energies in your soul field .. your four bodies of expression.And as His Individualization,  you are agreeing to make constructive use of your four lower bodies; in thoughts and feelings and the spoken word and actions taken .. you are the commander of your destiny. Only you through the sacredness of your day to day choices can bring forward the radiation of the Universal Light that is God's love. The Father desires in Will and Intent for His Individualizations to experience all love and unending peace, exquisite beauty and joy, harmony,  happiness,  and complete healing. So as you cleanse from all prior misuse of these lower bodies of expression,  and as you learn to apply your free will towards your own fulfillment,  then you will stop interrupting His Pure and Immaculate Flow of Perfection into the ma…

The Be Attitudes of Creation

I speak with you here on the Five M's of Mind and Consciousness. I share with you each .. my beloveds who are a living member of Mine Being .. a deeper understanding of the great Laws. These are the same laws that are used by the builders of creation. These M's must be coupled with the Be Attitudes .. the Sacred A's and the Holy C's.The Holy C's being Concentration ..  Consecration .. Cooperation .. Consistency .. Conviction .. Confidence .. and Collaboration. The Sacred A's such as Adoration and Acceptance of creation must be combined with the laws of Mind in order to Magnify .. Magnetize .. Maximize .. Momentumize .. and Master.... your chosen desire.Let's focus upon just a few here today.We are each uniquely personal individualizations of the One God, and we are also the fullness of His Oceanic Presence.  When in expression we are personality in action. We are Personalized and Dynamic rather than Impersonalized and Passive.As this Individualized and conc…