Unfolding the Powers of Aspirantship

As you enter into our curriculum and association with the Endowment of the Paradise Trinity,  you learn to master the fulfillment of the great Eternal Law of all Life which is this: that every individual must purify his own creations by his or her own conscious application and use of God's Mercy and Grace. This is the use of the Violet Transmuting Flame of Mercy, Compassion,  and Forgiveness.

As you become My aspirant,  I begin to speed up the return to you of your karmas of misqualified energies that you have buried in your soul field. I and the Mother and the Host working as One hand you back these imperfections in you which you have been carrying around for eons of time.

I show you how to have these imperfections or misqualified energies changed from their lowered vibrational frequency back into the pristine unconditional glory of the Father-Son-Spirit light.

This return of your karmas of mistakes and misqualifications is the density obstructing the rotation of the Intelligent and Feeling Electrons within your soul field. As you transfigure the personal densities, your Electronic Force in your soul is allowed to vibrate upward unto pure Light. You are demonstrating your willingness and obedience, your contrite attitudes of mind and heart to give cooperation and consecration to God and His Law.

You demonstrate the mastery over your effects and the righteous use of your divinely creative free will consciousness. You master all energies and vibrations that over lifetimes you've erroneously set into motion, momentum, and accumulation.

Since each individualization of the Supreme God has created their imperfections and limitations, so must each soul personality uncreate and uncondition and purify and unburden their personality soul until all energies in their being and world are manifesting God's Perfection of pure Untainted and Immaculate Light.

Christ Michael Aton


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