The One Great Intelligence in Its Activity

As you walk this royal road of the Immortal Ones who have gone before you and paved your way, take your time with these exercises to expand the Kingdom of His Sovereignty. It is the quality in our consciousness that magnetizes to you the greater response. These are free will exercises that enhance the quality of your life. . . Preparing you each day to become lighter and more in alignment with the Absolute Purity of the Force of your own Life.

When applying the Powers of the Embracing Eternity Exercises each day, use the power of Invisioning the Flames as you are Inviting the Host and their Omnipotent Radiation to quicken and redeem your misqualifications.

Claim this for yourself, and also ask with a firm demand for the particular Flame or Energy Focus to be directed into the collective human energy field which you are part of.

We all share the same mental and emotional collective bodies, as well as maintaining our own personal field. Know that we are the Body of Humanity.

So .. consciously command with confidence and trust that you are being heard and responded to by the Host. Be that Self Directive Governing I AM who commands their own quickening into light, and the redemption of Humanity.  Invision the colors of the Flame you are calling forth. Use Impregnation to breathe in deeply .. fully .. the Flame which is of a particular vibration.  Invitation must be coupled with Impregnation and Invisioning or Imagination.

And to allow the Great Potency of your Consciousness to Magnetize to you and Humanity a fuller quality of the Flames you are drawing down to you .. use the Power of Identification .. knowing as deeply and fully as you are able to .. that you are the One Great Intelligence commanding these things for all. Change the way you see yourself into perceiving that there is only One Intelligence and Principle,  and that you and all others are included in Him.

And as you have done these things for the least one of Humanity .. you have done it for Me.

Christ Michael Aton


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