The Kingdom of Thine Inheritance

This great I AM Intelligence and Power is nameless and Infinitely indescribable. It is unconditional and undifferentiated. It is feeling and sentient and has distributed Itself as innumerable particles of Its vast Intelligence and Supply. It is the Primordial and Vibrating Substance of the Trinity Source.

Spirit ye may call it. It is everywhere and everything … and everyone is a living part of Him. It is often inactive in the human experience because it requires thine Be Attitudes to make it dynamic. Ye are required to use the faculties of thine free will consciousness to bring it into visible activity.

In this relationship that we have with Spirit .. it becomes our servant .. for we are It’s Individualized expression in creation. We are Himself at our point in creation intending to expand our One Being .. Our Harmony and Our Grace .. we are designed as His Own Intelligence yet with the free will creative authority to choose how we shall qualify and condition into manifestation this One Spiritual Substance of the Universal Father God.

And in this relationship we are designed to have realization of our being in His Being. Yet, a prerequisite to this burgeoning unfoldment, we must bring back harmony and order to every particle of His Light Substance that had ever been made use of. This redemption into light is bringing completion to the eons of lifetimes wherein ye have gained experience in using your creative powers as His Individualization.

Ye have drawn upon the One Unlimited Supreme Substance of the Source. Ye have coupled that primary vibrating force with the qualities held in your personal consciousness … thine thought, feeling, spoken words, and actions .. these faculties have naturally imposed their vibratory conditions upon this One Primordial Father Energy… shaping it into creation.

These particles of His Intelligence crave to expand the Kingdom or Ocean of Itself. You and I… we are this Ocean made individualized and personalized. We can expand into the superpersonal and also we can contract into the more individualized expression of Him. The particles want nothing more than to constructively express what is already impressed upon their little beings. They desire inordinately to do the will of their Father Originating Creative Source.

Transfigure thine conditions of personality and soul consciousness unto His Immaculate Conceiving .. and then shall you be receiving thine Inheritance in His Power and Glory, His Honor and Awareness.

Christ Michael Aton


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