The Be Attitudes of Worship

Give all thine adoration and allegiance unto the Paradise Father who is the Force of Life animating thee. He dwells in Godhead yet in an octave far far beyond this planet .. and He also dwells as thine innermost Selfhood right behind thine breathing. He is the immaculate and conscious awareness of thine Self.

Indeed… He is thine Self who is the very Life of all life.

Practice thine first power of the embracing eternity exercises … Invocation with the sacred “be attitudes” of the nine A’s of worship. These are the attitudes to cultivate and grow thine character and consciousness; and it is an eternal attainment as ye grow thine character and consciousness in Him.

Every step that ye walk in His favor and honor stays with thee throughout all lifetimes of thine journey. As ye take upon thyself the endowment of the Paradise Trinity .. and ask for I and the Mother and the very Host of Heaven to share our influences with thee .. ye give to us the permission to extend the Omnipotent Omnipresence of Pure Life.

This Life that we offer thee is such that it will quicken thee unto a greater expression in thy existence. Ask and we shall come closer into thine midst. Knock and we shall unlock thine inner doorway for you to open with thine free will choice. Seek Us in the quiet time of thine contemplations and meditations.
Our Embracing Eternity Exercises are the keys unto the Inner Kingdom .. the expansion of this Omnipresent Kingdom that ye are already at One with in the ultimate truth of thine being.

The doorway to the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and the Living Network of His Supremacy - the Heavenly Host - is like the smallest of seeds … and yet with thine Nine A’s in character and consciousness ye can open that doorway and it shall expand its sphere of benevolence into you and through you.

In using thine free will righteously, you must nurture these Attitudes of being - the Be Attitudes of Adoration .. Appreciation .. Acknowledgement .. Acceptance .. Awareness .. Allegiance .. Alignment .. Attention .. Allowance .. All-Consuming Love.

These eternal attitudes bring happiness and peace by giving all your faithful trust and confidence unto the Infinite One. Infinite Intelligence can be relied upon with stability and deeply held security. 

These Attitudes grow character so that your values and priorities are aligned with true Love and Understanding. Then will you be seeking to enter the Kingdom first and foremost ... and all else will be added unto you... refers to what I shared with my disciples ... that as ye command for thyself.. so shall thine vibratory emanations adjust and obey that command. And we command by giving our Be Attitudes to whatsoever we love and worship.

I say unto thee beloved Supreme Christs .. own thine creative free will by expanding its efficacious power at one with the great Intelligence in you. Surrender to that higher One .. Sacrifice your little self of body-mind which attempts only to preserve it's opinions and ideas .. become Selfless by letting go of all human attempts to give credit to itself as the doer .. Service is in fulfilling God's Law which compels all intelligences to bring Perfection to their existence. In this ye must learn the art of living His Nature and Identity by adhering to His Will and Plan ... to expand His everlasting Kingdom .. and lastly, Silence is to fast from all gossip and worldly talk, attempts to convert others to your opinions, allowing  uncontrolled desires of the senses and the little self to have its way with you, and teaching and lecturing others before your right timing.

Ye are designed as Mine children to undergo a myriad of transmutations unto greater and still greater and more wondrous relationship with the Universal Father of all Lights.

… and this eternally fruitful relationship is coupled with the fullness of realization .. spiritual insights and divine perceptions .. as ye become Him in thine nature and identity .. and perfect thy personality soul unto the Eternal Embrace of the Ages.

I and the Mother .. and the Immortal Host .. do hold the Immaculate Conception for each aspirant to gravitate into becoming over time as ye shed the density of human imperfections.

Christ Michael Aton


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