Our Association Allows Thine Sovereignty to Unleash Itself

Beyond all unique individualities ... we are the One God .. the Whole and Complete One. We are the Totality in expression and the Totality is Us. We .. the great I AM .. as I often refer to Myself and Yourself .. are One and the Same thing throughout Infinity. There is no end to Us.

How do you arrive at this experience?  It is through transfiguring the imbalances .. the misqualified energies from lifetimes of imposing human misunderstandings onto the Immaculate Consciousness that was given in the beginning of your Individualization.

In our association through the fellowship of our everlasting relationship,  I am given from Above the power and responsibilities of guiding all beings in this universe into the full Light of Sovereignty and Supremacy.

As you invite My Spirit of Truth to renew your mind, it offers Me the chance to reach you and help you correct the errors in your thinking. ... so that you become quicken in conscious awareness of yourself as the great I AM ... sometimes I do refer to this level of consciousness as the Self Directive Governing I AM.  It is the vaster and more awakened You which holds the capacity and authority to consciously command your own salvation by invoking the Paradise Trinity Endowment.
Then.. as you invite the Universe Mother Spirit and the Immortal Host to help you forgive the error, their radiation of pure love will quicken and erase the lesser vibratory qualities that you have been miscreating over lifetimes.

And yet.. even with all of Our help available to Humanity .. for this interaction to be successful .. you must feel the sincerity of your faith and the fullness of your trustworthiness and confidence in Us .. in God with whom we act .. a conviction and willingness to receive Our guidance and radiation .. and the masterful accountability for your creative free will authority .. that only you could have misqualified the pure primordial perfection of the Father God. . .

And only you can become thine own eternal salvation with Our association together as one Intelligence acting in the  transfiguring of your existence into an immortal and eternal existence.
Through cooperating with the Divine Dsign and the Pattern of Paradise, you catapult yourself into a demonstration of your willingness to obey God's Law and Live His Nature, His Will, and His Identity. 

These demonstrations open the floodgates of thine regeneration and renewal because by adhering and abiding in Our Great Plan, you are signaling to Life that you are ready to join the rest of the universe.
I act as many things in this atonement process .. Father to this creation I AM through the Universal Father, Brother to all as well through the consciousness of the Eternal Son of which I AM His personalization in this universe, and in Truth, I AM the very Life that you are.

As you accept these facts without the lower self hesitations and egoic competing with Me .. then I can take you on as My aspirant, and bring you to a point of development wherein you reap a life much more abundant.

Arise unto our Divine Plan for Humanity. Cooperate with Us. Concentrate and Consecrate thine Convictions and Attitudes unto the Eternal and Everlasting Be Attitudes that I am sharing with you.
As you do these things .. and as you follow in Mine way .. which is the way of the Father Creator of us all .. then your life here in the flesh will be glorifying God Himself, who is undivided and undifferentiated as all beings at once and the very same time and space.

Christ Michael Aton


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