Immaculate Conceivings

Devotion of thine mind to finding truth … to owning the truth of thy nature and existence .. to claiming that truth of who and what you are. This is the art of mastery whose precepts must be cultivated in your mind as wisdom … the eternal verities are everlasting truths .. eternal wisdom .. that compels the aspirant who seeks union with the Primordial Father to be able to perceive their real nature from the tainted superimpositions of error and misqualifications.

…and you must use the faculties of discrimination and discernment to perceive the difference between what is true and everlasting and what is false and ephemeral.

You would not wish to spend your days pursuing and overly engaged with the imperfections of the temporary and ephemeral while craving the eternal and perfect. Yet .. in every soul there exists a combination of both which you must discern so as to halt from feeding your life force into the mirage of the temporary and fleeting. For that is just as a bubble appearing momentarily out from the Ocean Itself. The bubble is the Ocean of the One Essence, yet it has become tainted with the frequencies of the world which you … through the application of the law … can reverse and return that portion of the One back into It’s Purity and Perfection.

Recognize when the imperfect bubble arises in you. Reflect upon with discrimination and discernment it’s ephemeral nature. Redeem that imperfection in frequency back into its immaculate nature and identity. As you do this … thine consciousness gathers new momentum overflowing with truth and love. When you seek to free Life from its tainted imprisonment in humanly qualified imperfectly sustained frequencies, then are you expanding the Kingdom of Righteousness.

To embrace eternity is to reweave your soul’s consciousness into that perfected Immaculate Conception of the Universal Father … the divine pattern of the Paradise Trinity. Graduation from the recycling of one lifetime after another hinges upon your daily choices to re weave the tapestry of thine human imperfections into a living tapestry of light.

This is the Seamless Garment of Immaculate Conception … the Originating Design and Paradise Pattern out of which you have been originally created.

This Threefold Atonement is a very gradual demonstration of the aspirant’s willingness to become obedient to the Paradise Precepts, and to be accountable to its law of Harmony and Order.

Christ Michael Aton


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