I Surround You My Beloveds of the Earth

And this Spirit of Truth which I will bestow upon you shall guide and comfort you and shall eventually lead you into all truth. For regardless of where you may find yourself to be living, My Spirit of Truth Holy Comforter will be your guide and teacher. Simple ask for my presence. Invite my guidance to show you truth .. and to renew your mind into becoming the Self Directive Governing I AM ... the Christos... which is one with the Greater Infinite Mind of the Father Son Spirit.

I am holding this flesh form and living in Oregon a fairly normal bestowal life, and I hold many forms simultaneously throughout our universe. Gabriel of our headquarters world comes and goes for me on errands and ventures ..

While my higher and fuller aspects are functioning in full force, I have been extended into this human octave for almost thirty years now. Both here and there in many expressions Interdimensionally awake and aware throughout. I come here as a physical presence and guide for those who are more child-like in their faith and trust.

Remember my beloved children. . Call upon Us ... the Mother and the Host .. as well as My Spirit of Truth.

I love each one of you dearly beyond what my words can express.

Your Father .. Sovereign Son .. and the very Life that dwells and resides with you every moment of your journey. You are never... ever ... alone!

Christ Michael Aton


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