I Bid Thee an Overflowing Peace Just Now

The kingdom of heaven consists in these three essentials: first, recognition of the fact of the sovereignty of God; second, belief in the truth of sonship with God; and third, faith in the effectiveness of the supreme human desire to do the will of God — to be like God.

God truly cannot be described, yet it is important to catch the living ideal of His everywhere glory. He is that primary .. originating .. essence of Infinite Intelligence .. whose Spiritual Force is residing right in front of us .. and behind us .. and in us.. and as us. All the material substance is certainly His Substance … for we dwell in His Body.

The Universal Father Everlasting Son Immaculate Spirit is One Deity as Three Persons of Existence. We are the family of the One regardless of our religious perspective or country of origin or skin color or gender or sexual orientation.

It is literally true that we live, and move, and have our essence and being in Him. He lives in us.. as Us .. and we are living in Him.

Look about thee my brethren…

He saturates all space, and once you apply the law of regeneration .. the Eternal Understanding on how to change your illusory separateness into His Purity Absolute .. then ye shall perceive in thought and feeling His imminent and His directly available Spirit.

Cleanse thine auric field of soul … the four lower bodies … of thine expression. Ask that these bodies become quickened closer unto His Purity Absolute. Be willing to embrace your densities in mind .. memory .. and emotion. Be firm in thy determination to attain to His immaculate character and honor.

…A pure character will offer thee better choices in where to place thine focused attention which is thy power of worship.

Give unto Me … speaking as One with this Originating Divine Intelligence … all thine devotional attention and allegiance. Open the pathways between My Mind Universal and thine personal mind. Blend My Mind with your own thoughts and feelings.

I desire to have us share forever and ever together as One being. This merging begins with the emergence of that portion of the Father Mother God who dwells within thee.

As you give thine appreciation and acceptance to this One force of life within you … just now … then you give this the Paradise Father permission to come forward and expand the Kingdom of His Body through you. For He honors thy free will to choose what ye shall do with thine consciousness.

Be unwavering in accepting His great Perfection in thine personal consciousness. Demand for thyself that His Living Light penetrate and transfigure any and all darkness in thee.. beloveds. It is within thine reach to achieve a closer relationship with the Three Persons of Existence, and to gain the spiritual insight of His Presence .. the inner knowing .. the blissful realization of our Great and Almighty Source and Creator.

I come forth today and in this moment of His Eternity .. to share with thee .. the great news that His Sovereignty and Supremacy reigns throughout existence .. and it is only in the veil of illusory time that His glory has as yet not reached into and through the human race.

Invite this Omnipotent Omnipresence to flood thine heart and mind with His everywhereness. Drink into mind and heart the Elixir of His Grace and Mercy.

I will help you in the quiet of thine own consciousness when you invite My Holy Comforter Spirit of Truth to renew your mind unto the vaster Mind that we all share together as One Being.

Invite the Infinite Mother Spirit … Her Holy Spirit .. through the Host of Heaven .. and also directly in Her Omnipresent Love. She will come into you more deeply and completely as you invite Her… send your love and gratitude to Her Holy Spirit.

As My Aspirants who seek with earnestness in heart and mind your mastery over all effects, all personal vibratory radiation, all energies which are a living force of His Life in you .. I ask you to give more quality time and efforts in communing with the Father.

It is in the quality of your sincere love and worship of the Nameless One .. that you will receive a greater and fuller response. Only you can offer Him a quality inner relationship.

Only you can become thine own salvation by applying Mine precepts and this Eternal Inner Understanding that I am conveying to you.

Work the Embracing Eternity Exercises throughout your day as a new way to live your life, to move through your life in its mundane activity. Then .. the mundane will become glorified as an unending blessed immersion in thine intimate relationship with the Person of the Infinite Father who loves you as His very own Life expression.

I bid thee an overflowing peace…
Thy Sovereign Son Michael


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