I AM a Beam of Omnipotent Fire Omnipresent Will and Omniscient Desire

The Father's Love is Omnipotence in expression. His Love is the great integration power that holds all creation together.  Love coagulates through the impulse of thought ... the Infinite Particles of light to come together in forming any kind of creation.

As ye hold an unwavering thought and attentive focus upon the Source ... and you invite His Love to enter your personal world,  Its integrating power quickens all thine soul by drawing each intelligent feeling particle of the Father's Energy toward the white fire core of each and every living particle of light. This does quicken the rate of movement or vibration. This expands the Immortal and Immaculate Light out from every atomic core also ... at the same time as the light particles of each atomic structure are whirling around this loving core. It is a microcosm of the larger creation.

... you become illuminated and consciously awakened as His Individualization as the speed of the particles of light increase in their whirling rotation. When you can't seem to mentally understand an idea proposed to you, it is because the vibrations in thy mental body are moving too slowly. There is too much density between the particles of light in the atomic structure.

Through the EEEs ... you are dissolving the density of your atomic structure in your soul personality ... the subtle bodies of your experience. This occurs when you are righteous in your use of free will, and when you have matured and grown your character and the Be Attitudes are expressing.

... without the invitation to the Father's Love, the soul personality gradually disintegrates causing a degenerative disharmony and disease ... and death, which is not an inevitable result of your lifetime but an error in creating which is imposed upon the cellular and atomic levels causing a breaking down .. a slowing down of the atomic structure and a collapsing of the material body.

Over lifetimes .. you have perpetuated and nurtured some erroneous vibratory influences that have momentums which have accumulated in your soul. These are carried from lifetime to lifetime by your Lifestream until you come into a time when you can spend your focus upon erasing these older erroneous momentums. In erasing the error .. you bring balance to your soul's energies.

While Love is His Grace and Mercy... it allows the aspirant to erase many mistakes even before those mistakes appear in your outer circumstances and environment. His Mercy and Love  quicken the atomic and electronic particles to spin more rapidly and it is Mercy which is the authority over everything. Omnipotent it Is! When received and consciously commanded each day with concentration and faith ... trustworthy feelings, and the sincere consecration to be willing to disidentify with error ... Mercy then, empowers this atomic activity to throw off the denser material within its atomic substance. It frees the light particles to increase their rotation around the core of each and every atom... and seek a level of vibration that is closer to Perfection.

...Light is Perfection.  Light is the vibration of the higher octaves. Light pushes out all lesser vibratory materials and takes up residence,  dominion, stabilizing the material universes, and raising their vibratory existence unto the Father.

Death physically ... is a disintegration of your vibrational health due to the lack of the Father Son Spirit being allowed to integrate with the activities of their Love. So, your free will choices are the defining element in shaping your destiny. It is a divine infinite science of exacting proportions. All of creation moves with precision and seeks the greater perfection of pure light.

Everything in this our localized universe is designed to become raised upward in vibratory radiance,  and then we join with other localized universes in a joint effort to quicken and illuminate others as well; just as other intelligences from other universes are here lending their focus to bring this ... our localized universe ... into greater vibratory alignment with the rest of creation.

... One Body ... One Consciousness ... One God ... and One Will and Plan!

Love is of the Father Son Spirit.  Certainly He is much greater than even love, yet thine confident invitation and faithful receptivity to His Love is the alchemical integration that brings about your evolutionary progression into the completion of all earth lifetimes in the  Eternal Embrace.

Christ Michael Aton


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