God the Supreme is Thine Identity

I experience myself to be the Supreme God and I know and experience you also to be the Supreme God. We are undivided, Undifferentiated, truly One great Consciousness expressing as unique individualizations of this One Great Being.

SO, that is the reality to embrace and allow to emerge in you through thine concentrated efforts in focusing the Be Attitudes in thy righteous use of free will to set into motion momentums that aspire into light and love and the greater Life.

Then, we give all pure worship and love and obedience and devotion to honoring the Three Persons of the Paradise Trinity, and in this we honor and worship the Universal Father Creator of us all.

With a concentrated focus and pure sincere worship asking for nothing but to serve the Great Source and Center, and to allow that great Source within you...that microportion of the Source...to expand and have His way with you to realign and readjust your human personality and immortal soul each day by raising upward its vibrational frequency.

This is the great Ideal that you can aspire to attain even as you walk within the mundane world and hold your personal commitments and necessary obligations to fulfill your lifetime.

...and for those who aspire to the heights of attainment, I have come to offer aid and direction, purpose and guidance with the Holy Spirit of the Mother of our Universe...Her Spirit which is drawn down into the use of humanity by the Immortal Host of Heaven.

We are amazingly organized...and Intelligence that is Infinite and Eternal guiding every step and all movements for the sake of humanity. We offer Our Love and Mercy and Everlasting Guidance to those amongst humanity that feel that inner impulse to go forward in their personal evolutionary progressions.

Invite Mine Holy Comforter to guide thine way, and I shall renew thine mind into the Christ and Buddha Mind of your own higher Self.

Christ Michael Aton 


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