Faith is the Prerequisite of Fulfillment

Search not in fables and man-made myths about mine person. Do you not believe that two thousand years from now if there was a description of your own person and life that it would be as inaccurate and opinion derived as my own.

In this bestowal I come using my Universal Identity .. Michael .. of the Trinity Order of Creator Michaels. Our fellowship is an eternal relationship that I am reminding you of, and this relationship that I speak of becomes awakened for you through your invitation to My Truth Spirit.

My children, I come for those souls who hunger for truth which is everpresent and beyond time and space. They who crave to understand the eternal verities of life and work to apply mine precepts toward their own mastery ... these are Mine disciples ..Mine aspirants .. Mine own.

For this sole reason I have come in such a simple way .. unassuming and mundane .. to touch those only who are sincere in their search for deeper alignment with the Father and His Kingdom.

All other souls who are motivated by the glamour of well-crafted stories of mine life in ages past .. fables created to keep the populace confused and lost ... these souls shall be looking for a man who comes in robe and sandals with long hair and one who speaks aramaic.

I .. however .. come in modern garb which allows me to hide mine person well .. and I reveal Myself only to those who have prepared a place of child-like wonder and awe for life.. and yet my speaking is in thee and thou .. for those quaint word symbols allow me to extend to you a very different frequency that is naturally dignified and honorable in vibration.

Oh humanity .. become stirred in thine heart to ask for truth and it's faithful convictions. Faith opens the doorway to trust and cooperation. It grows character and consciousness.  Faith becomes direct experience which is clearly revealed .. a Self revelation.

Our divine design .. that is, the Mother and the Host and I .. is for human growth to develop and mature so that you can think more directly upon the intangibles .. the abstract .. the subtle .. having faith and inner discrimination in saturating thine mind and heart with a craving for what you cannot see and taste and touch. Yet, in your higher faculties .. through faith .. you will develop the ability to perceive and know, to feel deeply His Force of Life moving thee. Through faith you become acquainted with the subtleties.

Reach inward for the Paradise Father Fragment who has traveled with you since the beginning of your Individualization. He desires an emergence to occur. I have told you that as you embrace eternity each day .. you will be cleansing thyself and preparing for the Father to take up greater residence in your human experience.  This is the preparation to receive the vaster Selfhood of thine Individualized Father Principle.

You will not be given the greater portion of life .. of consciousness .. until you have fulfilled the great law by redeeming thine old momentums and misqualifications. Dissolve your opinions of God and the way He has designed for your maturity to unfold. Then you will have prepared a place for Me to come and "Sup" with you. Only then will I and the Father offer the inheritance to you that we hold.

Study Mine precepts and apply these principles towards thine own self mastery. Awaken the Be Attitudes of Invocation and the Be Attitudes of Identification.  These are the everlasting perspectives that you must cultivate in order to give back to God our Father what is His own.

Christ Michael Aton


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