Embrace Thine Darkness to Transfigure it into Light

The darkness is truly just the Omnipresent Light. Everywhere is present the Father's Light, yet at certain locales within creation, that Pure Light has been tainted by erroneous thoughts and feelings and spoken words. 

In each personality soul there exists this misqualification of the Father's Pure Light which is craving to return to the Father; and each personality soul is the creator of that misqualification which must one day be transfigured back. This transfiguration is your demonstration of mastery through obedience to His Great Eternal Law; a Law which holds each soul to return all imbalances and all misqualities back into the Purity of Existence. 

As you accomplish this, you will be creating greater space to have your own Christos Principle which dwells above you in higher octaves...to come and take up greater and fuller residence in you as a human being. And this taking up residence does quicken all your soul energy substance...all the four lower bodies of expression...into the transfiguration, and then at the end of this lifetime...the resurrection wherein you completely bypass degenerating into disease and death. 

You transcend that error which most all of humanity perpetuates lifetime after lifetime; and you are refined and quickened into the resurrected form, given a new and higher name and identity, and a new body of eternal light and life. You become a living member of the Network of His Supremacy...the Host of Heaven.

And this fulfillment of the Spiritual Promise that I gave to humanity a few millenia ago, you come to complete and receive. Yet, you must create the soul space to receive this inheritance. And you create that space through your embracing of eternity each day...changing each day your density and separation...the lesser vibration...into the higher frequency of Light and Love and Life everlasting.

Recognize when there is the return of your own karmic imbalance returning to you for transfiguring into light. Release thinking or feeling that you are victimized by those returning effects that only you have set into motion which are now returning. Especially those who are walking with Me into Light.

Finally, embrace the darkness and density, the reaction of negativity or displeasure. As you embrace the 'darkness of the lowered vibration' with unconditional love and a non-judgmental attitude of gladness that your own creation is finally returning home. That you have the opportunity to embrace an energy in you from lifetimes ago...eons ago...which you had erroneously sent away from your heart...Embrace and welcome that particle of energy back into and through your loving.

Then, ask for the Universe Mother's Holy Spirit and the Immortal Host of Heaven through your own Father Presence...your own Godhood...your ow highest point of individualization...your Oversoul to extend the Fire of Forgiveness...the Violet Flame of Mercy and Compassion and Forgiveness... to quicken those particles of your Life...the Father's Life...back into full light.

In this simply way you are gathering back to you...the children of your own stream of Life, and you are providing for those 'children' the way, the truth, and the life of safe passage back to the Undifferentiated Absolute Purity of the Source and Center ... once again ...returning these back to your own Oversoul from whence those living intelligent particles of the Father came forth ... for they came forth eons ago back in the early days of your lifetimes of expression and individualization... with the innocent enthusiasm and unconditionally loving intention to expand their divine gifts and blessed nature of pure goodness, truth, and beauty in the Father's Kingdom.

Christ Michael Aton


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