Divine Stations and Radiations of the Host of Heaven

The Kingdom of God is the rule of our eternal sovereign Father God over all creatures and things. The Kingdom of God is also the designation for the sphere of salvation entered into at the new birth, and is synonymous with the Kingdom of Heaven and the Kingdom of His Sovereignty. 

The Kingdom of God embraces all created intelligence, throughout all the octaves of existence; those intelligences and spirits that are willingly subject to the Creator Source and Center  - the Godhead of all created intelligence, those who are through their own free will choosing to have, and be in, fellowship with Him. 

The Kingdom of God is, therefore, the goal of thy life and existence. It is an eternal relationship and realization of the inherent potentials , both human and divine that exist within you right now. It is the birthing forth of thy inheritance, and it is the living bridge allowing you to cross-over into His Living Reality forevermore; it is the beginning of your progressive ascent unto the Father of all mercies. 

As God is eternal, the Kingdom is a spiritual Kingdom - found within all those who believe and through faith and trust and confidence in the indwelling Spirit of the Father, become renewed in mind and heart, and begin the process of regeneration within the limited human form, raising this human form into the more unlimited and eternal, immortal seamless garment of living light. You enter the Kingdom of God when you fulfill his law and live his will in thy nature and identity, thy consciousness, thy values, and thy inherent victory over all lesser things. 

And, when you enter the Kingdom you are rebirthed or born again into the immortal and eternal, still a uniquely personal individualization of His glory and power, honoring him in all ways, and having aligned eternally thy free will with his all-powerful will, you become a true son or daughter of him. You are then part of that Kingdom for eternity. It is a relationship "born of the spirit", and you will have confident assurance that it is so because the Spirit bears witness with our spirits. God our Father is sovereign, omnipotent, omniscient and the ruler over all of His creation. 

The Kingdom of God is entering into the Kingdom of His Sovereignty. It encompasses that development within you after lifetimes in the use and misuse of your creative power in thought, feeling, word, and deed. You are given entrance into that octave or that realm which is purely of Light without negativity, nor separation from Him, yet it is the very beginnings of thy journey inwards and upwards unto greater and greater realms of exquisite joy, creative fulfillment, and oneness with Him. You make that agreement to become his true son or daughter, subject to God and his plan of service for expanding His perfection and glory throughout creation . . .and will be for eternity.

During my ministry in the days of Galilee and also now in 2014 within this very bestowal into the octaves of the Earth, the Lifestream that I AM has used and continues to use three Flames or Radiations from the Host of Heaven. In particular, the Transfiguration Flame, Resurrection Flame, and the Ascension Flame. These Flames bring about either the Omnipotence of the Divine Pressure upon the personality soul which acts to be outpressuring the worldly vibrations of the race, expanding the God Flame energies of the indwelling Life Force and Stream of My Life, and raising, refining, regenerating, and redeeming all My personal soul Substance and Energy back into the very godhead of my own Individualization.

These are a living part of the Radiant energies of the Host which are concentrated and generated by certain beings who are eternal and immortal, and who have communed with the God Virtues and Qualities of the Universe Mother over eons of time, and then offer themselves to these great omnipotent concentrations of virtues and qualities to be directed in service for the use of human beings who hunger for transformation and completion.

In your ascent to attainment of permanent union with the Father indwelling you, each aspirant undergoes certain stages over lifetimes of learning. These are learnings and soul changes over lifetimes that cultivate a wholeness in the soul and in the character of the personality that you carry.
These are phases of serving and growth whereby the personality soul serves and expresses under certain rays or stations of service to humanity. The Flames of each station bring forth lessons that round out the aspirants education over eons of time until they have brought forth a more perfected balance.

Contemplate the following phases and stations so that you can perceive where you may be in relation to all the other stations of light along the educational curriculum of the schoolhouse of the Earth:

First Station and Radiation: Learning to desire and cooperate with higher will

Second Station and Radiation: Learning divine instruction of the law of cause and effect and the righteous use of free will to create and uncreate

Third Station and Radiation: Learning tolerance and understanding by living with others and being my brothers keeper

Fourth Station and Radiation: Learning purity, discrimination, discernment

Fifth Station and Radiation: Learning consecration and the dedication of single minded surrender, sacrifice, selflessness, and service

Sixth Station and Radiation: Learning devotion by going into the world of form with no acknowledgement of our credentials or identity to expand the kingdom

Seventh Station and Radiation: Learning ceremony through the externalization of God's Will and Intent

Be bold in thine asking for light, and become ever more courageous in accepting the changes that certainly will follow and compel thee to sacrifice all lesser vibrations and identities, surrender all thine own opinions and ideas that had been generated by the consciousness of human beings. 

Arise unto a greater expression of selflessness so that you are giving over to the greater identity and everlasting Selfhood, and remain silent and in service as you traverse through these stations and curriculum learnings that do offer to aspirants the necessary education.

My Heart remains with each one of you as Mine very Self and Life.
Christ Michael Aton


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