A Primordial Emptiness

Since God is everywhere, as everything, and as everyone … then ask thyself .. who is speaking .. who is acting .. who is feeling. God Himself … this Primal Emptiness is the one and the Only Power and Awareness in existence, and we are each this great Ocean of Consciousness and Awareness in expression.

So, whenever you have a negative thought or judgment, a depressed feeling, a doubtful moment wherein you question yourself on this Ever-Present Fact … ask yourself, who is speaking and feeling within Me … if it is opposing opposites of thoughts and feelings that seem to be destructive and getting you down, then it is the little imaginary relative self … and you must stir yourself into reality which is the One and Only God Force.

Now, this One is Infinite and so, we are continually expanding and deepening in Him. There will never be an end to the greater understanding of your identity and nature in God our Mother Father…

The One Primordial Consciousness is completely empty of every human conceptual belief in lesser and greater, higher and lower, superior and inferior, and all other oppositions of conflict that the vast majority of human beings are engulfed by.

So, when you become aware of these states of mind in you, find its opposite in you also. In your EEE, it is through this Inquiry that you must see how you are avoiding one side of the opposite states of mind, and rushing to dwell in the other side of the mental state which you are judging and assessing to be better than. For instance, you may think that superior is better to live in then inferior, yet, they are both two sides of the One imaginary self. Both are in opposition to each other .. Thus peace cannot find its way into your mind when you are caught in the web of the conflicted opposing mind of these human conditions.

The human continually flips back and forth between these opposites .. or opposing viewpoints .. choosing one over the other .. so living in these states of mind is living in continual opposition and conflict.

Transfiguring these mental states such as better and worse, higher and lower, and hundreds of others, brings an Emptiness Divine that is free from all inner and outer opposition. Transfiguration of this human mind does permanently solve the conflict.

Solving every conflict occurs through dissolving!

Contemplate what I have shared with you, and work towards pointedly perceiving the opposites in your personal consciousness. And when you spot something arising, then refuse to give your creative attention to it. Refuse to believe it.

Redirect yourself to remember your Only Identity, and question who it is inside of you that is speaking as that thought or feeling. For it is a self that is the human ego or phantom self that has no right to exist at all.

All struggles have their originating seeds in the mind. Dissolving the polar opposites and extremes will erase all outer circumstances that are extremes in your life. The law is exact and no one can escape it’s ramifications. Our outer circumstances and environments are an exact extension and reflection of the states of mind and emotion that are vibrating in our consciousness.

Be in Peace and His Everlasting Divine Emptiness

Christ Michael Aton


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