Thine Struggles are not in Vain

The ephemeral temporary circumstances that are constantly sought after in the hopes of bringing happiness and joy ... these are simply not designed to give you that.

It is a result of the lower mind that ye become enmeshed with the outer material senses and the little selfhood which amounts to naught .. driving you each day to pursue 'dead works'.

Fulfillment is what ye seek while in the very midst of being constantly pulled upon by outer temporal associations. Yet, the great Force of Life remains always within thine reach .. and ye may enter the Kingdom of Its Life by choosing gradually each day to embrace eternity.

Not in one large bite will ye digest all of thine own Life Force Essence ... yet daily through the righteous use of thine creative authority as His Child ... ye shall overcome the constant pull of material demands upon thine consciousness.

Fulfillment only has one Source and Solution. Security and Inner Stability have only one way to be found. This is the reason and purpose behind all the life here. It is an evolution for the personality soul to build its discernment and decision making muscles ... of choosing the need for the ever maturing priorities and the eternal everlasting values that bring the soul personality unto the Father within.

In my bestowals within this civilization over the centuries .. I have always been brought to a place of utter egoic humiliation and personal desperation in my hunger for the stability and peace of God. There is simply no other avenue in which to tame the material human nature.

When the personality soul after lifetimes of searching through the avenues of the senses and their appearances which do falsely promise to deliver ... have finally run their course and ye have become exhausted of thine own ideas and opinions ... only then will the soul personality begin to realize the deeper reality and the wider birth unto the eternal verities.

Then .. the personality soul opens to the greater possibilities of its underlying nature and relationship with its Source.

I know thine walk in this world .. and I have born witness to almost every kind of inner struggle that does present itself to thy human frame. I know of thine frustrations and thine failures; for I have very much been taken into and through all that the human being is subjected to.

Many times in my journey over all mine incarnations I have been presented with the need to choose rightly .. and though I do have within mine divine person the courage and right understanding .. nevertheless .. mine human frailty has been placed upon the 'cross' of free will choice and decision.

I stand within thine personality soul and I call unto thee to give thine all ... thine everything ... unto God thine Father Source. And I ask of thee nothing less than full obedience to the Universe Mother and Her blessed Agents ... Her Angels .. Her network of Supremacy.

This planetary orb shall be lifted unto pure light .. and it is so .. that the humble and worthy .. the righteous and obedient .. shall indeed inherit this Earth.

Christ Michael Aton


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