Thine Child Shall Grow thee unto Son or Daughter of God

Be willing to apply the divine art of mine precepts to your own life. Vanquish all striving for outer recognition from all others and ye will find true peace of mind and heart.

Allow thyself to expand the Kingdom of Light into and throughout your mind and heart. Humble thyself from thine seeking to become someone special and unique. Ye are already His child. Is this not enough?

I remain immersed within the realization of Essence while making expressive use of my personality here. I confuse not these two aspects of mine existence and all is well.

Share with transparency and utter humility your thoughts and feelings with another, yet give not advice unasked for...

Instead take others into your heart without attempting to further your own phantom agenda for endless recognition. To give to another is to receive of them without opinions and preconceived judgments.

Share His love through thine personality by purifying thine soul field in accordance with law. Erase all the obstructions of egoic mentality and emotional neediness. Become not another "unhealed healer" who searches to offer unasked for advice while blatantly ignoring thine own Self realizing maturing and godly humility.

Reach every day for the Paradise Trinity Endowment of Father .. Son .. and Spirit. Invite the Father's Spirit to expand all His goodness, His truth, and His beauty. Let His glory flood thine mind and emotions unto Christic predominance and greater perfection.

I remain One with the Everlasting Principle of Paradise . . .

Christ Michael Aton