The Be Attitudes of Invocation

The nine A’s of Invocation are living attitudes that can be partnered with consecration and concentration and thine attention.

Attention is the creative force of thine Life in expression … thine attention coagulates the Universal Particles of the Light Substance into vibrational manifestation… tangible use.

With thine thought which acts as the blueprint for the ideal you desire to bring forth … and your feelings which are the infusion of the Energies of the Life Force in expression… you and I… we qualify the Father’s Energy and Presence unto whatsoever we place our consciousness upon… we qualify and condition this Life Energy Substance into either a lowered vibration of human imperfection or preferably unto the divine intent of the Immaculate Conception.

The Nine beatitudes of Invocation Power are:

adoration .. acknowledgement .. acceptance .. attention .. awareness .. alignment .. allegiance .. appreciation .. all-consuming love ..

These are the beatitudes of the soul personality that aspires for true worship .. true invocation .. right relationship .. and the maturing growth .. and the realization of divine insight and spirit perception that opens the way unto a super intuitive awareness and the super consciousness of knowing thyself as His Omnipresent Omnipotence and Omniscience in expression.

We tap into these Infinite aspects .. drawing upon the Trinity Persons and their Perfectedness.

These are the prerequisites of becoming the Christos .. the Self Directive Governing I AM in expression.

Christ Michael Aton


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