Stability and Security is God's Will and Plan

The creative law of existence is in constant operation, and because it has no reasoning ability, it can’t distinguish between what you want and what you don’t want, so it brings back more of the same qualities and energies that match your thoughts and feelings, your soul's vibrational momentums and accumulations .. from lifetimes of using your creative free will focus and attention.

Remember .. you are an Individualization of the Supreme Omnipresent Christ... a divine magnetic beam which magnetizes and attracts to you .. over time .. whatsoever is vibrating in you.

This is the one and only 'sonship' of the Trinity Source in expression that is the God of Experience ... ye are the One God who is Omnipresent and you exist within His Omnipotence.. as Him in expression,  yet learning and growing within time and space.

Now .. as ye expand the Kingdom through you, then His Love will erase all errors and mistakes, and He will secure for you His harmony and peace even while you are still undergoing your learnings and maturing .. you will know and feel that you are living life correctly.

You do have the power and authority to make certain changes to your choosings by taking accountability for what you have set in motion and which is currently still vibrating within your consciousness.

By cooperation with the law of your existence you can begin to master all your soul's energies and vibrations by transfiguring these back into alignment with the Father's plan and will. His will is to expand His Light .. His harmony and order to bring stabilization to your life, and to establish security for His Individualizations ... His children.

I AM with you each step of thine journey.  I AM One with the Spirit of the Father, and in this way .. as you are open to Me and welcoming My influences .. I and the Mother and the very magnificence of the Host of Heaven ... will help you to realign yourself with the Eternal Father. This is the design of the Paradise Trinity Persons.

Even if you have been vibrating to certain unpleasantries .. you can adjust that by the righteous use of your free will ... to Invite the descent of the Holy Spirit to make corrections for the better by having the Mother Flame erase your mistakes day by day.

In our worldwide fellowship, I help aspirants clear their energies according to their receptivity and faith and trust in God .. in My Spirit .. and in the Universe Mother ... and in the powerful assistance of the Host of Heaven .. the Angels and Masters who are in service to this planetary progression.

I AM here for you each. Every soul personality is precious in Mine sight .. and I will go to no limits in helping to set thee forever free.

Christ Michael Aton


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