God is the Life I AM ... and I AM the Life God Is.

This is thine free will power and authority to own thyself ... and to claim the blessings of the Paradise Father Source and Center through the power of Identification and Invisionment or Imagination.

It is through these Embracing Eternity Exercises that we expand the Kingdom of His Sovereignty. We ask and allow the Great Undifferentiated Absolute to establish Harmony in us and for us. We allow His Fire to descend upon us as personalities,  transfiguring all that obstructs our happiness and order in our life.

In this way do you receive of the Endowment of the Paradise Trinity by embracing eternity each day. Giving thine acknowledgement and adoration unto the force of Life that is thine Godhead.

All is verily the absolute Self of the One Nameless Source. Worship this One by placing thine devotional attention upon Him .. and He then rides His Energy Presence back to you; for you are the personalization of Himself.

In the evenings before sleep .. receive of My Holy Comforter and allow My conviction of faith and trust to penetrate thine heart and mind by inviting Me to guide thine way to the greater Life more abundant.

Ask for the Holy Spirit of the Mother through the Mighty Host of Heaven to become directed to you .. to shift the way you perceive thyself and to transmute thine errors and mistakes .. thine misperceptions and misqualified life force back unto the Immaculate Conception.

Simply say " Michael, I ask for your guidance and thy fellowship through the Comforter to show me truth and the way to the Father.

"Universal Mother,  I ask for your Infinite Holy Spirit through the Host of Heaven to come more fully into my world, and to quicken all that I have set in error which is obstructing my greater perfection."

I AM Christ Michael Aton


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