His Infinite Body is thine Existence

In My teachings, I show you how to have both a realization of thyself as Him in your locale, and in that there is a relationship because you are always reaching higher and higher unto His Infinity, and at the same time He is a personality...personness...true it is well beyond what we might hold here as personality...yet He and the Son and Spirit are Infinite Personalities...that you will always be in relationship with and to...

Imagine that you are in the Body of the Father, and His Head wherein you can address Him as a Personal Spiritual Infinite Force and Being, is at a particular location...just as your own physical body wherein your head is at a particular location at which I can address you, even though I can touch and be with the rest of your physical body, I can touch your toes and your legs and arms, yet your own Head is certainly at a location specifically wherein I can  talk with you directly.

In this very same way, we dwell within His body literally, and yet His Head...the Godhead...is at a particular point in existence. Now, as you recognize this through Invocation Power and the Nine A's, the quality of your consciousness becomes more refined and aware and awake to this fact that you are in His body, and that you ARE His Body. You are a particular cell with certain growing functions within His Body that is His Body and you are Him thus, at your locale within the creation.

The Embracing Eternity Exercises show you your relationship through the Nine A's, and the other six Powers. Relationship with Him is the exact same thing as relationship with any other being or person, lets say. Do you perceive that when you adore another person and give them acknowledgement and loyalty or allegiance, and then you give them your attention and you become aware of them and accept them, and also pour out your all-consuming love to that other person, that they will respond to you and you can become closer as trust and appreciation is built up with them.

So...the Father is within you just as oxygen is within a glass and also around that same glass, and even that glass is made of the Oxygen...this is the same thing with the Father God. You become aware and you apply the powers and the Nine A's of this first Power of Invocation...and you somehow grow in awakeness for what is already present here and has always been present here. And the amazing thing is that the Father is Infinite and Never-ending in Intelligence, love, and Wisdom, so to contemplate this and apply the Nine A's to this brings about a certain quality in your consciousness which allows it to grow and expand.

The Father, who dwells in a place at the Godhead of Himself is so very far away beyond all the creation, that He can hold the entire creation in the palm of His hand...Just as if you were to fly outside of the borders of the earth, going further and further away...then what occurs....the earth becomes smaller and smaller and you can hold the earth on the tip of your finger, per say.

We travel inwards, and going inwards we are going upwards as well... in octaves and vibrational perfections of Life. And there is amazing life at these higher locales, less form filled, yet more definitive and real than here which...here is only temporarily existing....yet there are perfected octaves of such grandeur and generosity, such peace and light, such absolute loving beings with virtually unending intelligence...and it goes on from there...

In the Eternal Majesty of His Love and Mercy
Christ Michael Aton


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