My Paradise Father Holds thee in the Palm of His Hand

And now, my beloved ones of the earthly consciousness, I speak unto thy intellects: I take you with me unto the eternal and everlasting wisdoms . . . the verities of eternity: I give unto thee a shepherding into sheepfolds of mysteries that ye have yet to unveil in thine civilization . . . . Men have asked, what is size? What is time? What is space? Receive of my understandings, I offer unto thee a reasoning: Know that the Father's universes that call to mention size … size hath a quality of measurement by comparison, that is, size is a relative phenomenon: that which is great seemeth large to the earthly minded who dwell in a consciousness of comparisons; Know that the Father thinketh only in time and space, my beloved, yet He dwelleth as Thought's destination and Elevation . . . beyond all thought as ye perceive it to be; and space transcendeth size, yet I say it cometh not alike to all created orders.

Ye do perceive that ye are men and women, that your stature hath a smallness, an infertility, a mortality and a limitedness; what is that stature that it confineth you to smallness? Would it profit thee to be greater if ye stood high as the mountains of the Himalayas? Know that ye are greater than mountains in that ye have the free will creative authority and power to manifest in Thought, verily it beareth you out among the planets, it heightens thine stature to know of this, that ye are gods and creators with and as Thought. Ye do know the far stars: ye do know them for their shinings. Think ye, beloved, if other species have such power in Thought for manifestation? I say that they have not, therefore are ye greater than size  . . . even in the making of mountains. Size is ever relative; man is supernal in that he hath Thought; other orders come thinking, but not as man. Men and Women say, We think, therefore we are. I say, ye are, therefore ye think. Ye ascend unto visions: ye have concepts of Reality; they who come of other orders ascend to no such visions; their concepts are instincts rather than holding the power and authority of Thought making Itself ready to manifest in matter…as matter.

Great minds are greater than great mountains: great worlds are lesser than great truths: man knoweth himself, thereof is his divinity. I say unto you, Man hath concept of himself: he maketh mysteries in his thinking: he saith, we know of the stars, whereof they have brilliance; thereby is he greater than the stars, having knowledge of their essence. He that thinketh greatly ever surpasseth that which he thinketh upon.

The Father thinketh in terms of that which cometh to pass: thereof is Spirit manifest. What mattereth it if substance be a pebble or substance be a mountain? Is not the mountain made of many pebbles? What mattereth many pebbles? Is not the pebble the mystery in itself? Are not the suns composed of many mountains in that they have substance of which the pebble cometh? Only Spirit mattereth. That which is perceived is like unto a mustard seed; maybe perhaps it sprouteth, maybe perhaps it blossometh; is not the blossoming more transcendent than the blossom?

Ye do breathe, and move, and have your mortal beings in Me, and I am one with the Father who holds His body as this creation; therein are ye mortal right now, yet poised to become immortal as ye open thineself to all that is being offered unto thee; behold Spirit functioneth and Thought goeth out; it maketh you to see worlds in new births coming into actuality. Are ye not a part of them, in that ye discern them? Sight hath a transcendence to encompass its creatings; it becometh the particle of that which it perceiveth. I say unto you, Look, Perceive, Witness, Discern. Lift your faces up; behold, the mirrors of the infinite are but lodestones for your intellects, an attractive magnet. Ye do dwell on earth a little while longer until ye have positioned thineself for greater works; presently ye stand poised to progress in thine evolution into light. Ye go forward, and verily ye go upward or inward I should say; Now hear me on this point of awareness . . . he who goeth upward seeth that which is beneath him; behold is it not true that he who journeyeth upward ever seeth life in more smallness beneath him? It is for this reason that when I return unto mine station even within this local universe, I am able to hold all the universe within my palm. Think on these things.

The Father dwelleth in heavenly mansions in a place far, far from earth, and yet His body encompasses the earth and all systems and galaxies. Yet, He stands above it with all in the palm of His hand; He looketh on all creatings in miniature; He ariseth in the mornings and beholdeth many mountains; He saith to the mountains: Increase thineself and bring forth young; alas, are they moved and universes upon universes shudder.

I tell you, man is part of it . . . part of the Father God; but only is he part of it in that he seeth the Father deploying in himself. Only as ye are prepared to give all unto His Will and His agenda will ye deliberate in experience and actuality what I share with thee. I speak these things to you that ye may be wise and even further, that ye may seek the virginal desires…the original impulses to seek the Father and be alike unto Him. Be not cast down by little men who say, Spirit is conjecture, we breathe, we have or even we are these biological chemical bodies of material origin . . . thereby we are mortal and ever intended to be. I tell ye that these are the members of thine race who are retarded in their development and soul evolvement. They foresake humanity . . . they are as lights in many wicks that presently know a snuffing; the universe snuffeth them; they cannot encompass it.

I do say unto thee, my beloved children of the earth and within the fold given to me by the Father . . . Lift up your heads, beloved! Perceive the greater radiance that emanates from within thine beings! The Spirit worketh in you, and I work in it through mine Comforter and mine Presence as the Whole Being that ye are a part of; behold we are one essence: that which is created cometh of my association with the Infinite Universe Mother Spirit. . . .

Arise! Look about you, see the multitudes perishing, lacking food that is of Me. I say unto you, excepting as I am in your hearts, ye can make no progress in feeding those multitudes. Ye must accept Me and make better use of mine Substance and Selfhood in thine creatings. Worldly ways are your portion: how else cometh wisdom? Worldly thoughts are your imaginings: how else cometh life that mind can encompass it?

I say unto thee, ye have a mission and a ministry to rise above them all, and to be gods in spirit. Ennoble yourselves, so that ye have understandings which far surpass the multitudes who will not, as of yet, come to the table and sup at the banquet of the Father of Paradise: there cometh a season when thine wisdoms and understandings .. its need .. shall be great on you. In thine ministry and service, I tell thee that men shall one day come in vast numbers to you and for these understandings when they have become exhausted of their own self imposed limitations and their materially minded creations which have been confined to the world of the senses; the adversary cometh likewise; he shall say unto thee, Bow down and be reverent unto me, see that ye worship me, thou art of earth, truly are ye only of the earthly, so now therefore, be circumspect, and give unto me according to the custom. Yet, I say unto you, there is naught … nothing … that he offereth you that I do not offer in greater and more lasting abundance.

My beloved, be advised: The things of the Spirit are manifest in you: they come of me daily: I AM they that ye witness, and ye hold a mission and a ministry that is based on that Spirit which I AM. For I AM the Father and Son cometh into creation as His personalization do I come unto thee. 

Mankind hath had a blindness to neglect his own destiny; he hath said unto his fellows, we are creatures of dilemma, of doubt, of conflict, and of dread and many fears. Thus, have we come of our material fathers, whither we go after this life is not for our wisdom; He looketh on the earth and thinketh it a mystery that cannot be solved, it speaketh a tongue whose language is beyond him in his interest and intelligence.

However, I have come to say unto thee, I say it shall be beyond him till he cometh to that place in spirit where the beasthood droppeth out of him, where he leaveth his earthliness behind him forever. For the earthliness is as the gills of the tadpole who swims and yearns to jump free from the pond of his making.

Mankind looketh to the heavens and crieth out constantly, Almighty Father, bestow on us wisdom; lo, wisdom is in his heart, it lieth all about him, he walketh in its richness and he embraces it not. He cometh to the Father crying, save us else we perish into oblivion; lo, do his perishings come of his iniquities, his transgressions of law, and his wanton rebelliousness of selfishness and a perpetual drunkenness through his senses, and his lowest nature and identity. The Paradise Father ignoreth no one, beloved; He could not be the Father and deliver a pain nor a damage unto thee; I say to you now as we associate together, man injureth himself and chargeth God in blasphemy. God hath made no pains nor hurts nor mischiefs in the hearts of earthly men and women; they have made their own mischiefs; and they rampantly continue to make them.

Man goeth to and fro marveling at his own handiwork, he thinketh himself omnipotent, he crieth in a vaunting, as one who is ever boastful about his petty achievements and attainments in the world . . . “Behold our achievements, life cometh in and goeth out in that we manifest.” He saith it, beloved, and displeaseth God with his and her rantings and senseless ravings, his egotistical independence from the Father, and his abominations of thinking that he is the intelligence, the only intelligence of the universes of existence. It is a rarity that which mankind performs in front of the galaxies in staunch and witless opposition to the One God who hath given unto him all Life and existence; lo, he . . . mankind . . . cannot fashion one hidden violet, nodding by a brook's edge in the silence of a wilderness. Ye have heard my voice speaking, ye have understood correctly, ye have understanding of me and the mission and thine ministry within the greater mission unto mankind; I do come to you presently revealing its ennoblements, and thine own authority in creating vibration through and with Thought Itself. I speak unto you as I spake to you of olden times upon the sea of Galilee and the mountains of Capernaum, sending you forth with greater understandings and awareness in order to bear witness to the races of these verities.

Beloved, be concerned to keep my commandments: be circumspect, adroit, long-suffering and noble: be patient, be loyal, I say that ye shall see that my promisings are kept unto thee as ye give thine all into mine safe-keeping. Arise unto thine covenants to embrace the eternal each and every day, raising thineself into a vaster and more pristine place of mind and heart. Know that where I come and as I enter into thine fold, no error can stand in mine presence. All must be taken into light’s omnipotence. All thine credit and glory must be given to the maker of thine existence, the source of thine life, and the parents of thine race and civilization.

I AM Michael, thine Sovereign Son within this universal creation