Mine Covenant with thee I AM Fulfilling even Now

I reveal mine Divine Personality unto thee only through thine faith trust vision; for I have shared with thee throughout the ages that ye must become as pure and unadulterated as a child . . .

Only those who have upheld their faith trust shall have opened by the Father thine ability to become drawn unto Mine Presence whilst here in this gentle octave of existence...

For the Father will open thine inner doorways so that ye may perceive in truth and love all that I and the Universe Mother have in store for thee. It is nothing short of thine eternal inheritance of raising thine life and existence unto a more abundant existence wherein ye are eternally wed unto the Father of thine existence.

I come unto thine midst directly in the middle of thine busy lives wherein ye are wrapped within the seeking of outer signs and imaginings of glamour and other sensations and seekings. Yet, I come as most are fully enamored with their preconceived opinions and temporal values ... their ephemeral eccentricities and antiquated momentums of material density which weaken thine divine creative  impulses and strip away the vision of the true child of the Paradise Father.

I .. thine Universe Mother .. and Gabriel, our first born Son, come into thine existence .. and stand waiting and watching thee ..

I Remain thine Sovereign Son .. 
Christ Michael Aton