I Michael Aton Come unto Thine Midst

I do come unto thine midst with the Living Nectar of the Eternal Son .. for I AM the Word of Him who has given unto Me existence and Life.

...and It is Mine Holy Desire to transmit unto you this Word which I AM given from the Source of all Existence.

In this giving of Mine Word I AM and thou art...I must ready thee in thine receptivity. I show thee... each one of My heart of hearts .. how to fulfill the law to bring harmony and balance unto thine 'karmas'. To bring thee into this present moment. Then will ye have the space within thine Consciousness to live His will and plan for an abundant Life which is everlasting. 

I counsel thee in these matters of the Eternal Verities...

First .. be thou a student of mine writings... mine thoughts and precepts .. mine way to function and operate thine human being.

Second .. apply unto My office to be Mine aspirant .. in this way I work with thee to give thee a more direct guidance and Mine Spirit of Truth comes closer to elevate thine consciousness and to show thee thine truths while enhancing our association and fellowship together as One...

Third .. invite more intently the Infinite Universe Mother and Her Holy Spirit influences to help thee to fulfill the law and live His will .. by becoming more alike unto the Father who dwells in a micro portion of Himself as thine own force of existence. 

Each one of you .. hold the divine power and authority to become thine own master over all thine personal energies and vibrations; this ye must attain to in order to fulfill mine commands.. which are of the Universal Father God..

"To perfect thine selfhood unto His Godhood."

Let not thine humanly qualified hesitations turn thine attention from this Holy task at hand .. to bring completion unto all thine transgressions of the law; for our Father God forgives in such a miraculous way that ye shall become greater without any trace of these errors. All will be supremely well as ye venture to uphold the law and live His will and plan for thine life.

...and in precisely this way did I teach Mine disciples of ages past .. to enter therein the Kingdom of Heaven .. which in this more modern day I speak to thee in terms more mature .. 

Ye shall enter the Kingdom of His Sovereignty and allow His Light to expand right throughout thine field of soul personality. 

Invite Mine Holy Comforter and the Holy Spirit of thine Universe Mother to penetrate thine field of humanity .. and to spread our benevolence unto thee.. personally .. as a shower of Everlasting Mercy .. Guidance .. Healing .. and Omnipotent Love. 

Christ Michael Aton