Divine Yearnings of thine Paradise Father

Become Immersed with the verities of Eternity, and take upon thine self the divine cooperative attitudes of thine own Spiritual Father Principle. In this way with accountability and sincere determination, ye shall rise upwards upon the wings of adoration, acceptance, acknowledgement, and awareness . . . attention, alignment and allegiance and loyalty unto the Father, Son, and Spirit Persons of the Source.

...and with thine all-consuming love for God ye build an everlasting bridge from thine own godhood into and throughout thine personality soul. Ye raise, transmute, and quicken thine human existence unto the immortal yearnings of that Spirit of the Father who does very much yearn for thine completion within the kingdom of the earth, and thine forever sharing with Him by becoming one with Him...and by giving to Him thine personality soul wherein He shall make thee a new being.

Hence, will ye have graduated from the rounds of birth and rebirth through the mother's womb...in this threefold Atonement and Divine Initiation of the ages.

Christ Michael Aton of Nebadon