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Mine Covenant with thee I AM Fulfilling even Now

I reveal mine Divine Personality unto thee only through thine faith trust vision; for I have shared with thee throughout the ages that ye must become as pure and unadulterated as a child . . .
Only those who have upheld their faith trust shall have opened by the Father thine ability to become drawn unto Mine Presence whilst here in this gentle octave of existence...
For the Father will open thine inner doorways so that ye may perceive in truth and love all that I and the Universe Mother have in store for thee. It is nothing short of thine eternal inheritance of raising thine life and existence unto a more abundant existence wherein ye are eternally wed unto the Father of thine existence.
I come unto thine midst directly in the middle of thine busy lives wherein ye are wrapped within the seeking of outer signs and imaginings of glamour and other sensations and seekings. Yet, I come as most are fully enamored with their preconceived opinions and temporal values ... their ephemeral ecc…

I Michael Aton Come unto Thine Midst

I do come unto thine midst with the Living Nectar of the Eternal Son .. for I AM the Word of Him who has given unto Me existence and Life.

...and It is Mine Holy Desire to transmit unto you this Word which I AM given from the Source of all Existence.

In this giving of Mine Word I AM and thou art...I must ready thee in thine receptivity. I show thee... each one of My heart of hearts .. how to fulfill the law to bring harmony and balance unto thine 'karmas'. To bring thee into this present moment. Then will ye have the space within thine Consciousness to live His will and plan for an abundant Life which is everlasting. 

I counsel thee in these matters of the Eternal Verities...

First .. be thou a student of mine writings... mine thoughts and precepts .. mine way to function and operate thine human being.

Second .. apply unto My office to be Mine aspirant .. in this way I work with thee to give thee a more direct guidance and Mine Spirit of Truth comes closer to elevate thine consciou…

Divine Yearnings of thine Paradise Father

Become Immersed with the verities of Eternity, and take upon thine self the divine cooperative attitudes of thine own Spiritual Father Principle. In this way with accountability and sincere determination, ye shall rise upwards upon the wings of adoration, acceptance, acknowledgement, and awareness . . . attention, alignment and allegiance and loyalty unto the Father, Son, and Spirit Persons of the Source.
...and with thine all-consuming love for God ye build an everlasting bridge from thine own godhood into and throughout thine personality soul. Ye raise, transmute, and quicken thine human existence unto the immortal yearnings of that Spirit of the Father who does very much yearn for thine completion within the kingdom of the earth, and thine forever sharing with Him by becoming one with Him...and by giving to Him thine personality soul wherein He shall make thee a new being.
Hence, will ye have graduated from the rounds of birth and rebirth through the mother's this three…

The Universe Son and Spirit

While pervading all the universes of time and space, the Infinite Spirit functions from the headquarters of each local universe as a specialized focalization acquiring full personality qualities by the technique of creative co-operation with the Creator Son. As concerns a local universe, the administrative authority of a Creator Son is supreme; the Infinite Spirit, as the Divine Minister, is wholly co-operative though perfectly co-ordinate.
The Universe Mother Spirit of Salvington, the associate of Michael in the control and administration of Nebadon, is of the sixth group of Supreme Spirits, being the 611,121st of that order. She volunteered to accompany Michael on the occasion of his liberation from Paradise obligations and has ever since functioned with him in creating and governing his universe.
The Master Creator Son is the personal sovereign of his universe, but in all the details of its management the Universe Spirit is codirector with the Son. While the Spirit ever acknowledges …

A Paradise Spirit's Solicitous Devotion

During the making and breaking of a contact between the mortal mind of a destiny reservist and the planetary supervisors, sometimes the indwelling Adjuster is so situated that it becomes possible to transmit a message to the mortal partner. Not long since, on Urantia, such a message was transmitted by a self-acting Adjuster to the human associate, a member of the reserve corps of destiny. This message was introduced by these words: “And now, without injury or jeopardy to the subject of my solicitous devotion and without intent to overchastise or discourage, for me, make record of this my plea to him.” Then followed a beautifully touching and appealing admonition. Among other things, the Adjuster pleaded “that he more faithfully give me his sincere co-operation, more cheerfully endure the tasks of my emplacement, more faithfully carry out the program of my arrangement, more patiently go through the trials of my selection, more persistently and cheerfully tread the path of my choosing, …

The Attainment of Immortality

The achievement of the seven cosmic circles does not equal Adjuster fusion. There are many mortals living on Urantia who have attained their circles; but fusion depends on yet other greater and more sublime spiritual achievements, upon the attainment of a final and complete attunement of the mortal will with the will of God as it is resident in the Thought Adjuster.When a human being has completed the circles of cosmic achievement, and further, when the final choosing of the mortal will permits the Adjuster to complete the association of human identity with the morontial soul during evolutionary and physical life, then do such consummated liaisons of soul and Adjuster go on independently to the mansion worlds, and there is issued the mandate from Uversa which provides for the immediate fusion of the Adjuster and the morontial soul. This fusion during physical life instantly consumes the material body; the human beings who might witness such a spectacle would only observe the translati…

My Paradise Father Holds thee in the Palm of His Hand

And now, my beloved ones of the earthly consciousness, I speak unto thy intellects: I take you with me unto the eternal and everlasting wisdoms . . . the verities of eternity: I give unto thee a shepherding into sheepfolds of mysteries that ye have yet to unveil in thine civilization . . . . Men have asked, what is size? What is time? What is space? Receive of my understandings, I offer unto thee a reasoning: Know that the Father's universes that call to mention size … size hath a quality of measurement by comparison, that is, size is a relative phenomenon: that which is great seemeth large to the earthly minded who dwell in a consciousness of comparisons; Know that the Father thinketh only in time and space, my beloved, yet He dwelleth as Thought's destination and Elevation . . . beyond all thought as ye perceive it to be; and space transcendeth size, yet I say it cometh not alike to all created orders.
Ye do perceive that ye are men and women, that your stature hath a small…

The Whole Earth shall be Filled with the Praise of my Father

The Kingdom of His Sovereignty which my Father is establishing in the hearts of his earth children will become an eternal and everlasting dominion throughout the Earth. Once set up, His rule in each and every heart will raise all the humanity into His perfect harmony and order. There shall be this never-ending and continuous dominion of my Father in the hearts of only those who desire to do his divine will. And as this is the fact that I share with thee, only the meek, the humble and receptive, the contrite and thirsty shall inherit the Earth and all therein; for the Earth shall become raised into Her rightful place and position within this solar and galactic setting.

I say unto thee, my beloved children, that my Paradise Father is not confined by human organization nor is He limited by dogmatic concepts in the minds of human beings. He is not the God only of this religion or that sect. All are welcomed into His Kingdom of Light, insofar as ye make thine decision to enter therein, and …