Thy Kingdom Come and Thy Will Be Done

To make the effort to claim thine inheritance begins with owning thine godhood Self...the living animating power that moves thee giving you the energy and intelligence to act in thought, feeling, and spoken word and action. Only God acts...for He is the One and Only Force throughout existence that can act. Placing thine attention and adoration upon this force allows it to expand and emerge within your personal consciousness. In this way the personal becomes melded and aligned and at one with the Universal.

Self Directive I AM is the Holy Grail of your conscious commands of the Light to enter thine world...

As you become the Self Directive I AM through The Embracing Eternity Exercises and the Seven Eyes of Eternal Attainment...these creative free will powers begin to realign thee with truth, beauty, goodness, and the other godly virtues such as mercy, compassion, and forgiveness...first to have this for thine own selfhood in all its error and misqualification, then and only then can we extend mercy to others and to the collective world stage which is right now undergoing a gradual raising of its frequency vibration closer unto the Omnipotent light of God.

First learn to apply the Seven Eyes of Eternal Attainment...these natural human and divine powers enable thee to create the qualities and conditions with your own life force presence...and, even though you may still have a field that has accumulated error...that is, anything that is not a quality of the eternal virtues of Life... by learning of these Seven Eyes you will begin setting into motion new momentums and a new trajectory within thine field of density...changing that density into a field of receptivity. This can only happen by your cooperation and fulfillment of God's Law. Then, you allow thineself to become capable of living His Will and Intent for your life and world. You then begin to set into motion a great momentum of power and grace that will pretty much overwhelm all the struggle and discord in your life...all the self judgments and doubts and subtle places of fear will simply buckle under the pressure of the omnipotence of Spirit. And all of this occurs for true aspirants through their own godhood stream of Light.

...for ye are destined for the perfection of light by building within thee thine very own 'seamless garment' of light. This new body allows you to enter into the realms of eternal light...places and octaves far more majestic and beautiful than anything you can ever imagine from the human perspective. You grow and mature into union with the Father Principle...His three-fold flame of all love, wisdom, and power which resides even now directly within thine midst...yet ye must prepare a place within thine field of density changing that field into a field of receptivity which is then the precursor to have the almighty God raise you into the field of Light...His garment of light...thine immortal and eternally everlasting form and name...still personalized and individualized, yet you have evolved thineself into the very next stage of thine existence instead of rotating around and around within the cycles of birth and rebirth.

I and the Mother stand surrounding thee and with thee, guiding thine way as you ask and are willing to learn and receive the greater, deeper understandings ...the inner eternal understandings of the spoken Word in expression, and by implementing with consistency and dedication the drawing down into your physical life of the Cosmic Fire of Creation through the mighty immaculate Host of Heaven.

Esu Sananda Michael