The Trinity Endowment of Paradise

The Plan of Life through the very Life Force of the universes never intends anything but the harmonious control of all conditions, because then all can be purified and brought into divine order, harmoniously and permanently, if the Force of this One Life is allowed to hold control of conditions.

Through our Private Dialogues and the Spiritual Promise of Sovereignty, I wish to show you within your own energy of your own Life what it is that allows discordant conditions – such as problems and struggle and limitation – to come into your experience world.

And it is this: doubt and fear are the two activities in the feeling world of mankind that are the enslaving activity of destructive forces. “Now, doubt is a feeling of uncertainty. When you doubt a thing you are not definitely focusing and concentrating the energy of your feeling into a definite, positive focus to produce Perfection – Harmony, Healing, and Pure Happiness –

Therefore, doubt is a wavering of the energy; it does not allow your Life Force, which is the energy of your emotional body, to be sent to a definite point to produce manifestation for you. “Fear is a feeling also within the emotional body, and fear is a feeling that you are not going to control manifestation around you. In other words, fear is a feeling that you have let go of your Mastery – because when you are Master of a situation by the Sacred Fire or Fire Power of Love, I assure you, there is no fear in you. You simply send the Sacred Fire of Love from within your own Life Force energy into a condition to control it, to purify it, to bring it into Divine Order, and to fulfill Life’s Plan for every part of Itself.

Thus, are you understanding and applying the Paradise Trinity Endowment of the Universal Father, Eternal Son, and Infinite Spirit. This is the gift of approach unto greater Truth, healing, harmony, and pure happiness for all of life to inherit. As we enter into the Age of Accountability, it is given unto mankind to have revealed to him what has been prepared. Each can only receive as they are capable and as they ask; for it is the law that we must ask and prepare ourselves to receive; and as ye ask and apply thyself many are sent that ye may be given in a greater capacity according to thy receptivity!

Christ Michael